Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Celebrating One Year of Missionary Service

Heather Celebrating 1 yr. of Missionary Service
Rynaldo Baptism

Karen Baptism

This week was a crazy crazy crazy week, but we ended with the baptism of Karen so it all worked out well. Karen is a 16 year old that has had a very rough life and due to life circumstances went to live with a friend who is a member in our ward. She was introduced to the church and we've been teaching her the lessons. she accepted to be baptized, but because of some work issues the elders said that she couldn't and she was really devastated. But then we received a call Friday night at 11 pm saying that there was a mis-communication and that YES she could be baptized. in the morning we raced to the market where she was working... to find that she wasn't there. then we found her in her house and invited her to be baptized again that same night. she accepted and we had to spread the word to the whole ward and get it all organized, but after some hair pulling moments she was baptized and yesterday confirmed! Her example and testimony is suuupppperrr cool and she wants to be a missionary one day :) So that was the highlight of this week. For p day we went to Lima central again and it leaves me with one more visit as my time as a missionary. We also had a multi-zone meeting with our president and he talked about the gift of charity and if we want to develop other spiritual gifts we have to have charity or we are nothing.
Our fun p day
Water Games
Just Chill-in
On the mini bus
More Water

The day at the museum                                                                       1st time I had Subway in 1 yr.

This upcoming week we are working with a family to baptized their son Sebastian. its a son of a less active that we are in the process of reactivating, her name is Miriam and shes is AWESOME. I bought a memory card adapter thingy so enjoy the old photos and we{ll get caught up soon! Thanks for the prayer and thoughts of everyone!!!!

Funny!                                                                                                     Valentine gift exchange

Hermana Bowers

Fruit Salad we made                                                Me in the Hammock

Up close of out delicious Salad                            Eating fruit salad with the Elders

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