Thursday, February 12, 2015

Reinaldo- our investigator

This week we talked with Reinaldo (55) and well everything is all set up for this 14th for his baptism. My companion and I are just super awed at his willingness to accept and apply the gospel, and we think he´ll be a bishop or something in the future ha ha. The last Sunday when he didn't come to church was a bummer, but we talked to him and he told us how he as waiting and waiting, but the brother was late so he thought he want going to come. And then lo and behold an old soccer friend happens to pass by and invite him to watch. So he goes with the friend and boom they're all drinking alcohol. BUT, Reinaldo holds firm and when they ask him why doesn't he drink now, he firmly states that hes made a promise and he has to complete with it. So they buy him water. And then the food starts getting passed around. BUT we had just taught him about the law of fasting, and he committed to fasting the first Sunday of February and so he said a firm NO! he fasted for 24 hours!!!! WOW! We were just ecstatic when he told us his stories and its really a joy to teach and be taught by him. he has his last and final interview this Saturday and all is good to go for the baptism. because of his legs well baptism him with a chair and two people behind to help him go in and out of the water. Reinaldo is really excited, inviting all of his family and wanting to bring his nieces and nephews to the church with him :) he really is an investigator of gold.

This week we helped a member move from an old house that she had to a new room that shes renting because her daughter is coming home from the mission this week. It was suuuupaa trunky and sooo sweet to see how excited the mother was, how worried she was about what they were going to do, and see the happiness in her eyes and countenance to think of her daughter coming back. It was a hot and sweaty work in the full heat of Peru, however it was just a little taste of whats to come after the mission (with regards to the happiness of the mother and father) and it was gratifying (and a bit trunkifying haha).

I'm excited to let you know how it all goes with the baptism of Reinaldo in next week!

hermana bowers

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