Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Futbol P-day, General Conference, and CCM Sister Training

Sister Gledhill
Me and my 2 Mom's
CCM Training

This week we had the mundial p day where the whole mission got together and played futbol.

We  had a sister missionary conference where all the sisters got together in the mission and we had training's from our sister leaders.

 And of course we got to enjoy general conference this last week end.

 Things aren't really progressing with our investigators here in Collique, but my companion assures me that it is the Lord trying our patience to see if we stick this all out or no. 

Hope all is well on that side of the Equator!

Futbol P-Day

The Zone
Thank you for your love and support.

Happy Birthday from PERU
Love Hermana Bowers
The Church of Jesus Christ Same name but different church

Monday, October 6, 2014

What I Wish I Would Have Known Before The Mission: Peru Lima Norte

Personal Morning Study
Title: What I Wish I Would Have Known Before The Mission: Peru Lima Norte

So with my halfway mark of my mission coming up soon, I feel like I have finally arrived at the point where i can begin to give advice to those who will be coming after. I have experienced the majority of the seasons, changes and wonders of Peru and now hope that those who are preparing to serve and are called to our lovely mission here in Peru can benefit from some of this wisdom!

Also before in 2013, the boundaries of the Peru Lima North mission were a lot bigger and included certain parts of the jungle. Now the areas were split up and divided into different missions. This list applies to the new boundaries and areas included in the Peru Lima North Mission.
What I wear everyday
The Peru CCM:

If your called to the Peru CCM then this applies to you. Now a disclaimer I want to put out there is that I went through the CCM in January of 2014. Time has passed and things may have changed.

1. Bring your own Spanish Scriptures. If you don't you will have the opportunity to buy some, but not until your first p-day trip when you can go to the temple, which isn't for a while.

2. Bring your own paper and school supplies. Once again you will have the chance to buy some stuff, but not until p-day, and day one in the CCM is classes classes classes, so you will want your paper, pens, highlighters etc. as soon as possible.

3. Bring Peruvian money already changed (soles). There is an opportunity to exchange your american money to soles, but the person only comes once every 2 or three weeks, and well, if you don't have your money before p day, then your stuck. Its just a lot easier if you already have some that you're ready to use.

4. Execise. You have an HOUR everyday to do exercise. There is a huge soccer field that you can run around on, play soccer, ultimate Frisbee etc. There is also a volley ball court and basket ball courts. They provide all the balls and equipment, just make sure you bring sufficient exercise clothes. You leave to exercise every day, and if your there during summer (December until June ish) its HOT HOT HOT. I would recommend at least three different changes of clothes that you can rotate between the different days. (also make sure you bring your tennis)

5. Luggage: In your missionary booklet is sets some pretty strict guidelines about luggage weight, and amount. Don't stress about this. I followed the booklet to the T (the night before I left was a frantic weighing and choosing which things to sacrifice and leave behind) and I was the only one. You can bring two big suitcases and they can be a little heavy.

6. Mail: Its sad I know, but just forget about writing hand letters or receiving them in the CCM. My last couple of weeks they banned sending letters in general. Before you could, but only with AMERICAN stamps. But the process was to complicated and with the short time your there CCM, its just easier if your parents send your stuff to the mission office where they´ll hold on to it till you get in the field. But like i mentioned earlier, things might have changed, but when i was in the CCM they banned mail altogether.

7. Bring your own English version of the the missionary handbook.

The Field:
1. It doesn't rain in Lima. The mission booklet says to bring rain boots, and a water proof jacket. Don't worry about that. Before the mission had jungle and wetter spots but now no. Its all pretty much city suburb with other areas where you work up in the hills (this is where its more dirt roads). But the worst the water gets is mist so don't worry about boots or if your coat is rain proof. (I wouldn't even bring an umbrella).

2. P-day clothes. Pretty much in only SPECIAL circumstances do you use p day clothes, and the majority of these special circumstances are for sport events. Other than that you need to be in your missionary church clothes (this includes when you go to internet, grocery shopping etc.) So don't sweat too much about what outfits your going to bring (this applies more to the sisters i know) and all the jazz.

3. Jacket. Whether or not to bring a jacket all depends on when your coming. If you coming during summer (December--June ish) then i would wait and buy a jacket here in Peru. But if you come during winter (July--October ish) then I would bring one ready to use. You'll spend your first 6 weeks in the CCM where you´ll have really limited places to shop and buy things. So if its going to be cold when you get there, its best to just have things all ready to go so your not freezing your first week in the field.

4. Things that are given to you. When you arrive in the field you`ll receive a scripture bag, a folder with all your info, a black leather bound journal, and a coin purse. If you want to buy a mission bag before you mission you can, but just be careful about how big it is. I bought the heavy duty bag from the sister missionary mall, but had to switch to using the mission bag because it was too big (they don't want to walking around with a big bag and have people be more interested in robbing you).

5. How cold are winters. This is a bit harder to explain because everyone has their own definitions of cold. However I can tell you that summers are Hot Hot Hot, and winters are cold, but not SUPER cold. The difference is that its very humid so many will say its a type of cold that seeps into your bones. Also the houses here are pure cement and tile so there is hardly any insulation (and you can forget about carpet). So while its not deathly cold, you'll want to bring warm socks and warm pajamas. As far as how cold it gets, if you have experienced a Utah autumn, I would compare it to that. If not, then I'm not quite sure how to explain it. Sisters, you'll want to bring tights to wear beneath your skirts.

6. The mail system here in Peru is a bit, patience trying. Out of all the packages and letters that have been sent, I have received about 75% of them. And when i send a letter, it takes about a month or so to get to the United States. Just be warned that sending letters is expensive (9 soles each letter to the USA) so budget wisely.

7. Shoes: This is a pure walking mission so bring shoes that will last. Girls i know that we abhor those missionary clunky shoes but they are worth it. I brought a pair of the black basic danskin shoes and my Sperry's.

Well this is all that i can think of for the moment. I hope that some of this helped those who are preparing to serve missions, and know that I'm open to receive questions! Just send me an email and I`ll try to get back to you the next p day (which are Tuesdays in the CCM, and Mondays in the field). Take care and put your shoulder to the wheel!