Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Celebrating One Year of Missionary Service

Heather Celebrating 1 yr. of Missionary Service
Rynaldo Baptism

Karen Baptism

This week was a crazy crazy crazy week, but we ended with the baptism of Karen so it all worked out well. Karen is a 16 year old that has had a very rough life and due to life circumstances went to live with a friend who is a member in our ward. She was introduced to the church and we've been teaching her the lessons. she accepted to be baptized, but because of some work issues the elders said that she couldn't and she was really devastated. But then we received a call Friday night at 11 pm saying that there was a mis-communication and that YES she could be baptized. in the morning we raced to the market where she was working... to find that she wasn't there. then we found her in her house and invited her to be baptized again that same night. she accepted and we had to spread the word to the whole ward and get it all organized, but after some hair pulling moments she was baptized and yesterday confirmed! Her example and testimony is suuupppperrr cool and she wants to be a missionary one day :) So that was the highlight of this week. For p day we went to Lima central again and it leaves me with one more visit as my time as a missionary. We also had a multi-zone meeting with our president and he talked about the gift of charity and if we want to develop other spiritual gifts we have to have charity or we are nothing.
Our fun p day
Water Games
Just Chill-in
On the mini bus
More Water

The day at the museum                                                                       1st time I had Subway in 1 yr.

This upcoming week we are working with a family to baptized their son Sebastian. its a son of a less active that we are in the process of reactivating, her name is Miriam and shes is AWESOME. I bought a memory card adapter thingy so enjoy the old photos and we{ll get caught up soon! Thanks for the prayer and thoughts of everyone!!!!

Funny!                                                                                                     Valentine gift exchange

Hermana Bowers

Fruit Salad we made                                                Me in the Hammock

Up close of out delicious Salad                            Eating fruit salad with the Elders

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!

Reynaldo's Baptism
So this week I celebrated my 13 month mark and Valentines day in the best way possible for a missionary... A baptism!!! Reynaldo Abat is now officially a remember of the restored Church of Jesus Christ. He was sad at first because no one in his family was going to attend, the same day a Sobrina planed a baby shower, there was a wedding, and well of course it was valentines day. But when we were going to the church we told us that it doesn't matter who is there, because its something important that he is doing with God and not with man. we congratulated him for his attitude and the ordinance was completed without a hitch! They didn't put a chair in the baptism font and we were really nervous because before he specifically asked for a chair, but with the member and the elder he was able to go into and come out of the water without a problem and my companion and I sighed a big sigh of relief. Reynaldos son came at the very end and we had a chance to present ourselves and we have plans on trying to visit him in his house and share the gospel as well!

Kristin's Baptism

As a added bonus I got to see Anthony my convert from Collique at a stake activity that they have for the young adults and he is still doing strong, active and is up through 3 Nephi in the book of Mormon! Aldofo is leaving for his mission in 9 days and another youth received his mission call to Columbia. We had an exchange of gifts between the sisters in our zone and Sister Valdivia gave me earrings (and i can still put them in without problems whew!). I was super sweet and a cool experience to think about my Valentines day before in the CCM and the possibles in the future.

Celebrating my 1 year on my mission

Were working for another baptism of a youth named Karen and Sebastian either this month or the beginning of March. 

Today we are having a normal day of work because tomorrow were going to Lima Central as a zone. I'm excited because we planned it well this time and should be doing some pretty fun activities.
Our Zone
This week was also a little funny because we went to the house of a recent convert to teach and there was a team of sell persons form Herbal life. we came both times in the middle of their "show" or pitch and they listened to us and afterwards we listened to them and it was... awkward very awkward but yea we escaped and now the herbal life people know a little more about the word of wisdom and nobodies worse off!
Christ Hill
I hope this week goes well, everyone is with good health and keep me in your prayers! ITS HOTTTTTT.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Reinaldo- our investigator

This week we talked with Reinaldo (55) and well everything is all set up for this 14th for his baptism. My companion and I are just super awed at his willingness to accept and apply the gospel, and we think he´ll be a bishop or something in the future ha ha. The last Sunday when he didn't come to church was a bummer, but we talked to him and he told us how he as waiting and waiting, but the brother was late so he thought he want going to come. And then lo and behold an old soccer friend happens to pass by and invite him to watch. So he goes with the friend and boom they're all drinking alcohol. BUT, Reinaldo holds firm and when they ask him why doesn't he drink now, he firmly states that hes made a promise and he has to complete with it. So they buy him water. And then the food starts getting passed around. BUT we had just taught him about the law of fasting, and he committed to fasting the first Sunday of February and so he said a firm NO! he fasted for 24 hours!!!! WOW! We were just ecstatic when he told us his stories and its really a joy to teach and be taught by him. he has his last and final interview this Saturday and all is good to go for the baptism. because of his legs well baptism him with a chair and two people behind to help him go in and out of the water. Reinaldo is really excited, inviting all of his family and wanting to bring his nieces and nephews to the church with him :) he really is an investigator of gold.

This week we helped a member move from an old house that she had to a new room that shes renting because her daughter is coming home from the mission this week. It was suuuupaa trunky and sooo sweet to see how excited the mother was, how worried she was about what they were going to do, and see the happiness in her eyes and countenance to think of her daughter coming back. It was a hot and sweaty work in the full heat of Peru, however it was just a little taste of whats to come after the mission (with regards to the happiness of the mother and father) and it was gratifying (and a bit trunkifying haha).

I'm excited to let you know how it all goes with the baptism of Reinaldo in next week!

hermana bowers

Saturday, February 7, 2015

No transfer this week

Well this week ended on a little of a sad note. Our next baptism date that we had set up for this Saturday fell through because our investigator didn't come to church. the member we assigned to pick him up went to his house, and a niece informed him that he had gone to watch a futbol game. So our valiant member drove to the park, didn't find him, returned to the house and asked again, went to a different park still couldn't find him, and then eventually came to church. It was very strange because the night before we had talked with our investigator, his name is Reinaldo, and he was super excited to come and for his baptism. We dropped him off at his house after attending a baptism that we had this Saturday of a young woman named Kristine and seemed to be enjoying himself. But there is opposition in all things no? As soon as we can were going to try and stop by and see what happened and see if we can reset the baptism for this 14th of February. We fasted this Sunday for everything to go well for the baptism, so with what happened im trying to think then maybe this is the lord helping up realize that this isn't exactly the right time and manner for Reinaldo.

However, like i mentioned we had a baptism Kristine which was a sweet experience. The missionaries before me started the discussions with her and she didn't want anything to do with baptism. her older sister and her grandmother are baptized, and shes been coming to church, but never had a desire be be a member. but this changed about 2 weeks ago, and now she is blessed to have the gift of the holy ghost and has entered the gate to making important covenants in the temple.

My companion and I are both staying in San Carlos for one more transfer. So well see what these next 5 weeks bring!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Feb.2nd 2015

This week we had a Renaildo attend again, so all is going well for his baptism this 7 of February.He smiles a lot more now and I just know that the gospel is helping him out! He is reading the book of Mormon and is almost done with 2 Nefi. Crazy cool no?! The ward is helping us transport him (he walks with a cane and needs a ride to church) and I´m personally really grateful for the members here in San Carlos. I don't know if I have already mentioned it, but also our Bishop is awesome and tries really hard to help support us in all that we do!

We had a good NDH that our relief society organized in which we were able to bring two less actives and a recent converts. We hope that with activties such as these that they will be able to make friends and have support to remain active. We also had another NDH in the house of a recent convert that our elders quorom president organized. We were able to bring a recent convert familiy a less active that is a neighbor. Afterwards the elders quorom preisdent visted the following day at the neighbor with this visiting teachers so were just tickled pink on how the ward is following up and helping us with the people we present in ward council.

We have a baptism scheduled for this Saturday with a young woman who before received the discussions, but recently had made the decision to be baptized. were now finishing up the discussions and if all goes well shell be able to be baptized this Saturday!

Also some fantastic news is that an old less active that we were working with in Collique was sealed to her family last week! My old companion called me to fill me in on the news and WOW I was just so happy! this family has tried 2 times before to be sealed but Satan always put obtsacles in thier way. But yes the third and final time finalllllyyy they succeeded and I am just so happy for them!!!!

Today is transfers so afterwards well find out if well get changed around or not. I will fill you in this next Monday! hope all is well on the other side of the Equator!!!

con mucho amor

hermana Bowers