Saturday, February 7, 2015

No transfer this week

Well this week ended on a little of a sad note. Our next baptism date that we had set up for this Saturday fell through because our investigator didn't come to church. the member we assigned to pick him up went to his house, and a niece informed him that he had gone to watch a futbol game. So our valiant member drove to the park, didn't find him, returned to the house and asked again, went to a different park still couldn't find him, and then eventually came to church. It was very strange because the night before we had talked with our investigator, his name is Reinaldo, and he was super excited to come and for his baptism. We dropped him off at his house after attending a baptism that we had this Saturday of a young woman named Kristine and seemed to be enjoying himself. But there is opposition in all things no? As soon as we can were going to try and stop by and see what happened and see if we can reset the baptism for this 14th of February. We fasted this Sunday for everything to go well for the baptism, so with what happened im trying to think then maybe this is the lord helping up realize that this isn't exactly the right time and manner for Reinaldo.

However, like i mentioned we had a baptism Kristine which was a sweet experience. The missionaries before me started the discussions with her and she didn't want anything to do with baptism. her older sister and her grandmother are baptized, and shes been coming to church, but never had a desire be be a member. but this changed about 2 weeks ago, and now she is blessed to have the gift of the holy ghost and has entered the gate to making important covenants in the temple.

My companion and I are both staying in San Carlos for one more transfer. So well see what these next 5 weeks bring!

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