Tuesday, January 20, 2015

3 Interviews- Thank-you Bishop!

Our Zone

So this week started off with us in my old area of Collique to play carnivals with another zone. it was taking some time so I started a game of mafia with the missionaries while we waited for the supplies to arrive. It was fun to try and explain and tell stories in Spanish, and we when we switched it up to play signs, almost everybody wanted to join in and it was super fun!

The week was a little hard when Wednesday we found one of our recent converts in a dire situation with her husband. She was unconscionable and we had to leave her weeping in the arms of her sister in law. It sounded like things had ended between the two of them. HOWEVER, two days later we passed by again and they were together! Things were better, and it was really good to hear that they had been reading their scriptures together and were trying to work things out and find solutions. Its was such a 180 from where we left them before that I was personally shocked in a very grateful way. I'm so grateful for this gospel and how it really does help us overcome whatever trial we may have in our way. This couple have a newborn baby and I shared with them that I can't think of anything better that they can do for her, than what they're doing to keep the commandments and have a home with the foundation of Christ and his gospel. It really helps me know what I want for my own family.

We also had great success this Sunday with our amazing bishop! he was out Saturday with his little 1 year old son in a stroller visiting the members we had mentioned in ward council. we passed by him 2 times while we were walking around for our appointments and it was just so inspiring to see him with his little boy trying to help his ward. Our bishop is really young (under 30) and on Sunday he helped us out a lot with interview with menos activos we brought to his office. part of the process to "rescue" a menos activo is a interview with the bishop. he was running around trying to get everything in order and then dedicated the time to have the interviews and we were ecstatic because we got THREE done, and the interview sometimes is the HARDEST part (coordinating everyone's time, and trying to get the people to have the desire to talk to the bishop). Also, we had a man named Renaildo assit for the first time, and he has a baptism date for the 7th of February. Renaildo had an accident in which both of his legs were broken and now after 5 years of surgery and therapy can walk with a cane, but he came to church, enjoyed it and we are super happy to see his progress. two more attendances of three hours and he can make a covenant with the lord through the waters of baptism!

I'm so grateful for each and everyone one of you and hope this January is winding up to be a good start of the new year of 2015!!!!!!!!

Hermana Bowers

Sunday, January 18, 2015

It is Summer and it is Hot, Hot, Hot!

So this week was our stake conference! Pday was cleaning and we went out to eat pollo a la braza yum yum yum. Then on Wednesday we had interviews with the president and a revision of our rooms and how we have progressed with our English and Spanish. Friday we had service in the house of a less active and we helped her clean up the main room and dust off a lot of stuff in her garage. Her parents had recently died and she had inherited their house and it was a big task for her. she was recently operated and was really overwhelmed with all that she had to do but it was fun to have service (finally!!!) and see how proud she was of her house afterwards and see her have the doors and windows open when we walked by later that day (before all the chair and sofas were in front of the main door so she couldnt use it). She has been assisting a different church for quite some time and almost was re baptized again, but were working with her and her doubts to be able to reaffirm her testimony in the Church of Jesus Christ.

In our night session of Stake conference we focused a lot on the function of ward council and these new forms that were using for the progress of recent converts and menos activos. It was cool for those who participate in ward council, but I felt a little bad for the youngsters and the menos aticvos we brought that the information went a little over their head. Sunday was super cool, and super full. It's summer here so hot hot hot hot. There is not air conditioning and so the fans were on full blast. As we sat in the back on the stage it made me think of a "to kill a mockingbird" courthouse where were all packed in anxiously listening with our pamphlets as fans fanning ourselves to not faint. Hahha it was fun. I really liked the President Erickson´s talk about how he compared the church of the Zoramites and the church of Jesus Christ. he then said that these two distinct churches can share the same chapel. we have to ask ourselves to which church we belong. Where we go and only listen Sundays and then return to our lives during the week, or do we attend a church were we continually try and apply the teachings and share the gospel with others. He also talked about how Lehi and other prophets were blessed for what they DID. not what they thought, what they attended to do, what they thought, what they said, preached, testified, or shared. But for the Action. what they did. It made me think about what were DOING not just saying.

This week we also found a sister of a member that lived in my old area. Were teaching her and it was funny how we found her. We passed by and I thought, where have I seen her before. And once again we passed by and we introduced ourselves and then she told me how she was the sister of Pedro from Collqiue and I was like OOOHHHHH yeaaaa!!!!! we had a lesson last night where we left a book of Mormon so well see how it progresses.

Thanks everyone for your continual support over this last year! I hope that the lord blesses you and the missionaries that live in your area and that we can work together to hasten the work!

Hermana Bowers

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A trip to La Gran Javilla

So a week ago for p-day we went to La Gran Javilla which is a fusion of a petting zoo, a small castle park, and a water park. We didn't get to go to the pools and lazy river, but we were content with the ittty bitty rides they had and the petting zoo. There was a mini supreme scream, bumper cards, roller coaster, and magic carpet ride (its like the swinging boat ride but calmer). Afterwards we went to the animals, I got to touch a monkey and we went on a bird tour and got to almost touch toucans and other parrots! Afterwards we went as a zone to Pizza Raul and my companion got to try the pizza there for the first time! We came back to the room exhausted and we had to turn around and leave to work, but it was a p-day different from the rest and super fun. This p-day is cleaning because we have interviews with the president this week, but well try and find a way to make it fun.

The Zone on P-day
New years we thankfully found people to teach and the day passed quickly. The night before we went to bed at 10:30 and I woke up to the sound of all the fireworks at 12. I was so tired though, that I deemed the better reward sleeping in, so I just rolled over and enjoyed my comfy cama. My companion slept through the whole ruckus and it was funny to hear her talk about the next morning. The night before, the neighbors that live downstairs gave us a plate of chicken, paneton, hot chocolate, and a tamale, all very yummy and delicious. After that the week was a flurry of trying to accomplish all of our goals.
Happy New Year!
Two children were baptized this week, and will be confirmed this next Sunday. The whole family was here in San Carlos because the grandparents were sealed earlier this week. The family wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and two youth that live in Tagna were baptized. It was a sort of last minute kind of deal, but the service turned out great and the uncle who lives in the united states who was here for only a visit was able to baptize his niece. his off on his way with his wife once again to Utah to finish school and it was really cool to have it all come together and that the family could share this special moment.
Venessa Carlos and Family
I'm so thankful for the gospel and how it helps us to avoid the pitfalls of life and helps us have hope and a positive view of the future. I know that if we keep the commandments that God will protect us, and if we have difficulties there is some lesson that we can learn that can help us become better people!

Keep me in your prayers
Hermana Bowers

PS. For you future missionaries, feel free to send me a email if you have any questions about preparing for the mish! I´ll try and respond the best I can :)