Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A trip to La Gran Javilla

So a week ago for p-day we went to La Gran Javilla which is a fusion of a petting zoo, a small castle park, and a water park. We didn't get to go to the pools and lazy river, but we were content with the ittty bitty rides they had and the petting zoo. There was a mini supreme scream, bumper cards, roller coaster, and magic carpet ride (its like the swinging boat ride but calmer). Afterwards we went to the animals, I got to touch a monkey and we went on a bird tour and got to almost touch toucans and other parrots! Afterwards we went as a zone to Pizza Raul and my companion got to try the pizza there for the first time! We came back to the room exhausted and we had to turn around and leave to work, but it was a p-day different from the rest and super fun. This p-day is cleaning because we have interviews with the president this week, but well try and find a way to make it fun.

The Zone on P-day
New years we thankfully found people to teach and the day passed quickly. The night before we went to bed at 10:30 and I woke up to the sound of all the fireworks at 12. I was so tired though, that I deemed the better reward sleeping in, so I just rolled over and enjoyed my comfy cama. My companion slept through the whole ruckus and it was funny to hear her talk about the next morning. The night before, the neighbors that live downstairs gave us a plate of chicken, paneton, hot chocolate, and a tamale, all very yummy and delicious. After that the week was a flurry of trying to accomplish all of our goals.
Happy New Year!
Two children were baptized this week, and will be confirmed this next Sunday. The whole family was here in San Carlos because the grandparents were sealed earlier this week. The family wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and two youth that live in Tagna were baptized. It was a sort of last minute kind of deal, but the service turned out great and the uncle who lives in the united states who was here for only a visit was able to baptize his niece. his off on his way with his wife once again to Utah to finish school and it was really cool to have it all come together and that the family could share this special moment.
Venessa Carlos and Family
I'm so thankful for the gospel and how it helps us to avoid the pitfalls of life and helps us have hope and a positive view of the future. I know that if we keep the commandments that God will protect us, and if we have difficulties there is some lesson that we can learn that can help us become better people!

Keep me in your prayers
Hermana Bowers

PS. For you future missionaries, feel free to send me a email if you have any questions about preparing for the mish! I´ll try and respond the best I can :)

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