Tuesday, July 7, 2015

One week Left

I survived this week!! its all down hill from here and I"m trying to wrap everything up to go home next Monday-Tuesday. today we are going to Collique to say goodbye to the members there.

Tuesday we had a special meeting with the pres to sort out some of the new changes that we are making to the program. these include divisions with the sisters in the mission during the week, divisions when we go to the temple, and that elders can come with us.

Wednesday we then presented that plan in the leader meeting in the mission, to all the zone leaders, assistants and the sister trainers. it was my first and only time to go to one of these types of meetings so i was thankful for the opportunity to see how it all is and be able to see some old friends.

Thursday was our trip to the temple, and it was so much better than the other trip that we had. the west stake helped us out a ton, and well there was some minor setbacks and scheduling miscommunication, but it all worked out in the end, we brought a big group of 24 converts to the temple and Pres Erickson went to greet our converts and see how it all goes!

Friday we did divisions and I was able to go out into the field for a while and dust of my authority and power in preaching ah ah ah. it was good to stretch my legs.

Saturday I stayed in the center while my companion left, and I was able to teach the Sister Bueno about how to do her family history and what new features offer family search it was fun, and its always rewarding to hear the "no way that is possible?" when we teach them about how cool is family search.

Sunday was church like normal, but a day full of meetings. in order to communicate about the program that we have, and get the help of the different stakes, we presented ourselves and what we do an dhow they can help in the bishops meeting with the stake pres in one stake, and then we had a full fireside in another stake where we had a power point and were able to talk with all the leaders of the stake which was really cool! we celebrated in the night after all our nerve wracking meetings with chocotón which is one of the things that I will miss soo soso so so so much from Peru.


Ya so that is the weekly mission report of what we did and how busy it was!!!!! the bus was soo full with converts that we had to stand on the way there an back because there wasn't room, it was a super success.

Monday, July 6, 2015