Monday, September 29, 2014

Service Project
This week once again was rather uneventful. Neither I nor my companion had transferrs so well be together through October up until Nov 4. One cool thing that did happen is we went to the women´s conference this last Saturday, and we brought one of the members were reactivating :) Afterward she told us that is was one of the first conferences shes ever gone to because before it was just too stressful to leave/ she never had anyone to go with. It was PERFECT becuase our goal with this family is to help them get temple recommend worthy again and SEALED. And the conference was great becuase it basically only talked about how the temple blesses our lives and how amazing it is. I hope that you guys were uplifted by it as I was.
Moving Stones
Working altogether
From this Conference I have a goal for my life. It's always been something in my head that I wanted, but now it's a written and placed goal-- to always be able to be worthy for a temple recommend. That is, at any moments notice I am worthy and have my recommend to be able to go. I hope that many others offically put this goal as something they want for thier life and complete it!
The Zone
Were still in the process of finding new people to teach that are prepared to hear about the gospel. Thank you so much for all your prayers and thoughts-- especially for my companion. Shes doing better now, her family is good and now she feels a lot better about being here on a mission. It' has been really awesome to see her overcome her trials, and it makes me really grateful for the family I have and how they are all healthy and sound. The mission is tough as is, I can't imagine how it must be with one of your siblings life on the line and you not being able to be there to help your family out. Hermana Jimenez is an example of strength and I'm glad to be her companion for one more transfer.
Teaching about the armor of God

Enjoy conference this week! We have to wait till oct 11th because Oct 5 are the elections are going on here in Peru. Here the law is that EVERYONE has to vote or they're slammed with a fine, so we have no church or anything this day. We still don't know as missionaries if we are going to proselytize or not, but its going to be weird without going to church. Ha ha keep up the good work everyone and send me your favorite quotes from conference!!! (in English!)
Our P-day breakfast before transfers
Lots of Food!
Chato the Dog

Drinking Soy Sauce
Hermana Bowers

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New From Collique

Heather Bowers-North Peru Lima Mission 
Nothing much new to report this week! For Pday last week we had a movie day where we watched Brother Bear, Toy Story 3, and Kung Fu panda 2. Ha ha my companion and I had a close call with the bathroom, we had to use it and the bathroom in the house where we were at was occupied, and well when nature calls nature calls, so we went running up the street for about 4 blocks to our apartment to use the bathroom. It was a close call, a really close call, too close for comfort, but we both came out ok and were laughing about it later.

After that we´ve just been experiencing a lot of difficulties with our ward and the people were teaching. Its just seems like one rejection after the other, and our poor members are swamped with problems of their own... so it's just time to put your shoulder to the wheel and carry on. We hope for a better week this week. Today is the Monday of transfers so well see what happens. My companion thinks shes going, and I think shes staying ha ha so well see who is right!

Keep us all in your prayers, and especially my companion. She is going through a rough time with her brothers health and I know your prayers will help! Thank you so much everyone for your support!

Hermana Bowers

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

P-Day with the Hermana's

Beautification Day
Face Mask 
Hermana's beautification Day 
P-day last week was a blast. We had a p day of hermanas in our area, and we went and changed into our pj's, We had a yummy lunch of complete (glorified hot dogs with bread) then we made a face mask,We had a foot bath concoction, and then we had yummy pop corn as we watched 17 Miracles (IN ENGLISH BOO YA) and chatted away! I got to see Hermana Cunninham from my district in the CCM again as well as Hermana Luna (she was in the same house as I, when I first started, (and she really helped me get through my first 3 months adjusting to the mission).

Later we had a crazy service activity where we made a fireman line and hauled rocks from one level to another. The girls are well a little more delicate so we helped empty the buckets that the Elders had heaved up and threw the rocks into the pile that they had formed earlier. The rocks were covered in some type of soot so our hands and arms were just black black black. At the end it looked like we had been working in some type of coal mine ha ha!

After that the week was normal. Our investigator Joel didn't come to church, so the date we had for him to be baptized this Saturday fell through. All in the Lords time I guess and we will keep trying to hunt him down and continue to teach him. I gave a talk again in Church this Sunday, and my companion said she could understand me clearly, so that was a success for me. We found another investigator that wants to be baptized, and he lives literally in the middle of no where. Just when I thought I knew all of our area, we got surprised that there is a little trail that leads to another valley where these people live. The circumstances are really humble, and I'm really grateful that we have running water in our apartment.

That is all for this week, thanks for sticking it out with my folks, Today I completed 8 months! This is my last month "subiendo" as they put it -of going up hill. Keep me in your prayers and Carry on Carry on Carry on!!!!!!!!!
Love, Heather

Heart Attacking our investigators.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Giving others a Heart Attack!

Love from Peru
This week was pretty normal, the highlight was that for our service we went heart attacking. I stole the idea from Hermana Mickleson who is serving in Japan right now, and my companion, Hermana Jimenez, never ever had heard of heart attacking before. We cut out all the hearts, wrote loving phrases on them and then taped them to the doors of some menos activos, including the wife of the bishop. My companion was laughing the whole time, "I feel like a little school kid" she kept saying. And then for the next couple days she was still giggling about it. So I am sure that she loved it, and I hope that she teaches her next companion how to heart attack as well. 

Other than that we just keep working as we usually do. This Saturday the family who fed us lunch knew we were going to fast, so we ate the most food I have ever had in my life. It was a big plate of pollo ensalada morada arroz,(chicken salad and rice) of course, and then we had mazamorra, fruit, and then a HUGE bowl of top a ramen with a piece of chicken plopped inside. The elders had eaten at the house they gave service at before, so it was funny to see them cry and suffer as they tried to eat it all (because you eat ALL the food here in Peru or its malo malo malo!). (bad,bad, bad)
Sunday we went up into the hills to collect our investigadores. We had about 8 people that said yes they would come... and well none came. Ha ha either they were not in their house or said that they had things to do. So better luck next week. However, Joel, our date for the 20th ended up coming up halfway through Sunday school so that was a awesome victory. Lets see, what else this week... I had the pleasure of describing what a Harlem shake video was to my companion, and last p day we ate a restaurant and then went grocery shopping. This week we have day with just the hermanas where we are going to have some type of spa day. I'm excited!

Hope all is well on the other side of the equator, and keep me in your prayers!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Week of Saint Marta

                                                                Marjorie's Baptism
So this week we had two work visits and a baptism! The baptism obviously was the HIGHLIGHT of the week, and it was a fight to help Marjorie, the teenager that we baptized FINALLY enter the waters of baptism and follow our Savoir. She was the last member of her family to get baptized. The father was a menos activo, and when the missionaries started to reactive him, him and his wife were married, his wife baptized, and one by one their children followed. Marjorie is the last, and now the family is at last complete. The mother and father had been waiting to be sealed in the temple until they could do it as a family, and now they can start preparing themselves to enter the house of the lord! Happy happy happy!

Other than that we have just been working on trying to find new people and seeing who in this time is ready and prepared to receive the gospel. Another funny thing was this week was the week of Santa Marta, (who our landlord has the idol of.) So for two days strait we had a party outside our window. Complete with signing, bands, fireworks all night long until 5 in the morning. It was awful and hilarious, me and my companion didn't sleep a wink. We both just squished our pillows over our head and laughed together during those two nights. Thankfully though all the virgin festivities are done so i think well sleep well tonight. So yea well see what this week brings. Keep me in your prayers!
Dang! I Stained my Favorite Shirt!