Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Week of Saint Marta

                                                                Marjorie's Baptism
So this week we had two work visits and a baptism! The baptism obviously was the HIGHLIGHT of the week, and it was a fight to help Marjorie, the teenager that we baptized FINALLY enter the waters of baptism and follow our Savoir. She was the last member of her family to get baptized. The father was a menos activo, and when the missionaries started to reactive him, him and his wife were married, his wife baptized, and one by one their children followed. Marjorie is the last, and now the family is at last complete. The mother and father had been waiting to be sealed in the temple until they could do it as a family, and now they can start preparing themselves to enter the house of the lord! Happy happy happy!

Other than that we have just been working on trying to find new people and seeing who in this time is ready and prepared to receive the gospel. Another funny thing was this week was the week of Santa Marta, (who our landlord has the idol of.) So for two days strait we had a party outside our window. Complete with signing, bands, fireworks all night long until 5 in the morning. It was awful and hilarious, me and my companion didn't sleep a wink. We both just squished our pillows over our head and laughed together during those two nights. Thankfully though all the virgin festivities are done so i think well sleep well tonight. So yea well see what this week brings. Keep me in your prayers!
Dang! I Stained my Favorite Shirt!

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