Monday, September 29, 2014

Service Project
This week once again was rather uneventful. Neither I nor my companion had transferrs so well be together through October up until Nov 4. One cool thing that did happen is we went to the women´s conference this last Saturday, and we brought one of the members were reactivating :) Afterward she told us that is was one of the first conferences shes ever gone to because before it was just too stressful to leave/ she never had anyone to go with. It was PERFECT becuase our goal with this family is to help them get temple recommend worthy again and SEALED. And the conference was great becuase it basically only talked about how the temple blesses our lives and how amazing it is. I hope that you guys were uplifted by it as I was.
Moving Stones
Working altogether
From this Conference I have a goal for my life. It's always been something in my head that I wanted, but now it's a written and placed goal-- to always be able to be worthy for a temple recommend. That is, at any moments notice I am worthy and have my recommend to be able to go. I hope that many others offically put this goal as something they want for thier life and complete it!
The Zone
Were still in the process of finding new people to teach that are prepared to hear about the gospel. Thank you so much for all your prayers and thoughts-- especially for my companion. Shes doing better now, her family is good and now she feels a lot better about being here on a mission. It' has been really awesome to see her overcome her trials, and it makes me really grateful for the family I have and how they are all healthy and sound. The mission is tough as is, I can't imagine how it must be with one of your siblings life on the line and you not being able to be there to help your family out. Hermana Jimenez is an example of strength and I'm glad to be her companion for one more transfer.
Teaching about the armor of God

Enjoy conference this week! We have to wait till oct 11th because Oct 5 are the elections are going on here in Peru. Here the law is that EVERYONE has to vote or they're slammed with a fine, so we have no church or anything this day. We still don't know as missionaries if we are going to proselytize or not, but its going to be weird without going to church. Ha ha keep up the good work everyone and send me your favorite quotes from conference!!! (in English!)
Our P-day breakfast before transfers
Lots of Food!
Chato the Dog

Drinking Soy Sauce
Hermana Bowers

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