Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Christmas in Peru


Our surprise Christmas night when the members downstairs gave us chicken, salad, paneton, and hot chocolate ;)
I hope that everyone's festivities went great and it was a special moment for all! Christmas here in Peru is a lot like new years eve. Everyone stays up until 12 eating singing drinking and dancing and then at 12 BOOM everyone lights off fireworks! 
More fireworks from the view from our window
Fireworks at 12 in the morning!

We as missionaries had a p-day as a mission the 24 from 8-6 where we had a dodge ball tournament (our zone lost the second round), a barbecue (the family of the president cooked so it was an authentic bbq hot dog and hamburger feast) and then we had time to mix and mingle until we had a talent show. 

Our district. me hna Rodriguez, Elder Llantop and elder Mejia
A picture of the court in which we played dodge ball . Our zone lost in the second round.
Our zone preformed a little skit in which a man was looking for a hidden talent. He navigated his way through different scenarios until he found elder toth who sang a very beautiful rendition of silent night. I was the overly loving pentionista who gave a mountain full of rice to the missionaries and insisted that they eat it all. It was bunches of fun... and we WON! Other talents were songs, dances, skits and it was really interesting to see how creative the mission could be! then we saw the president preform his talent were he did his rendition of YOU SHALL NOT PASS from lord of the rings. He made it into a example of us with Satan. It was priceless (I have a video but its too big to send ;(). Then we all got a bag of goodies, and we watched the movie "Remember the Titans" which is freaking amazing and I'm putting it on my list of movies that I want to own. Later we returned to our house, changed and left to try and find lessons!
Talent Show
Talent Show
Christmas day we got to talk to our families and I cried like a baby... again.... but hey I love them so what can you do! We had a turkey lunch with members, and then went out to try and find lessons! And that is how we passed our Christmas here in Lima North Mission.
Me with hermana Espinosa and hermana Himenez
Other than that the week was a flurry of trying to get to know everyone still, find new people in order to teach and try to baptize two kids that are visiting our ward, but because their uncle is visiting they want to get baptized here... and its been a big headache to try and figure out if we can or not or if we should. Were praying a lot for guidance from the lord. 
Hermana Huish and I
Things will start settling down when new years has passed away and everyone returns again to their normal schedule. thanks for all your prayers and I hope to hear from all y'all soon!

mucho amor de
Hermana Bowers

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