Monday, December 1, 2014

Climbing the Hill to Cerro in our Church clothes

The last p day we had, we went to Chili's as a zone and I ordered a big fat hamburger and it was glorious (still doesn't compare to the united states but was dang close) and then we got ice cream, and came home for naps.

On Wednesday we went to the area of one of the elders and hiked a Cerro as a zone. It was fun at first, but a little silly because the zone leaders insisted on proselyting cloths. so we started off, and then it got really steep and quite ridiculous for how we were dressed. We had to rock climb a wall at one point and so all the elders went first... and then the sister had to be hoisted up after so that no body saw up our skirts. Then afterwards because it was taking so much time, we carved our own path down the mountain and it was super steep! And it was all sand and rocks, so we went sliding down this huge mountain side... and the whole time I only thought of how crazy this is, and how crazy this must all look--- 16 people up in the top of the mountain in office attire and then sliding down the side. Aha hah. So we went up the mountain one way, and then came down another way which ended in a cemetery. It was HUGE and it was interesting to see how the graves are here in Peru. They`re little cement block above the ground that they build one on top of the other. I forgot sunblock this day so you can see how burnt we ended up getting. I'm in the peeling stages right now.

Climbing up the Hill

Half way up the hill.
At the top
Going down!
Kinda crazy!
Really Really Crazy!!!!!
The Cemetery
Elders at the cemetery
Our dusty feet                                                                                         My sunburn :(

After we had a work visit this Saturday and I went to the area of the sister trainers to be with hermana Aquino. We were in the CCM at the same time and it was fun to talk about old times and how we couldn't understand one another for nothing. It was interesting to be in a different area, but I was glad to be back where I knew where we were and my investigators.

Me and the Sister's at our training

An Elder leaving for his Mission to Ariquipa

The chapel flooded during his farewell :(

Were experiencing a bit of frustrating with one family that recently (within the year) was baptized, and now wants to dist-activate. There was some drama within the ward, and the mother cant get over how Nefi kills Laban in the book of Mormon, so now only wants to read the bible. Its really frustrating the excuses some people put up, HOWEVER we continue forward! I love the advise that Utchdorf gives, which is "doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith". We may not understand all things, however we just need to put our faith in the lord and continue forward.

A barbershop opened up across the street from us and they were playing their rap music ALL NIGHT LONG. (a common occurrence here in Collique). However the sad thing is Sunday, on their first day of business... apparently they were robbed with people with guns! (there is a menos activo we are teaching above whose aunt told us the story). Its a little nerve wracking since they live across the street from us and all and this happened, however it just goes to show how the lord protects his servants. I have lived in Collique for almost four months now and never once had a problem! So were counting our blessings there.

This is our district wearing the T-shirts that I designed 

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