Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Temple Trip

Christmas Temple Trip
So this week was an interesting blend of bitter sweet. OK bitter first, we had a very sad sad experience because we had a family fall into inactivity that we have been working with for quite some time. The mother had been baptized in January and her daughter we baptized in September, and now they told us that they don't want anything to do with the Mormons. It was so frustrating, and I don't want to go into detail, but it just goes to show the small things really do make a big difference in our lives and the road of god is really indeed narrow and straight. There are no justifications or rationalization.

But the sweet: we had another baptism this week!!!! His name is Anthony. We found him knocking doors trying to find the address of a less active. We taught him about the plan of salvation and he had TONS of questions. And when we gave him a book of Mormon he read it and is in now Nephi 17 more or less. He came to church the first week we invited him and made tons of sacrifices with sleep to be able to attend and take the discussion because of his work schedule. We baptized him Sunday morning and Aldofo, a young man of 21 who is preparing for his mission baptized him (it was his first time baptizing!!) But Anthony is incredible, he worked 24 hours Saturday in order to be baptized and then confirmed later Sunday. he was dying the third hour of priesthood, but hes a trooper!

Also a family that came to church last week, (this week no but they promised next week) the wife accepted to be baptized. The husband couldn't be there for the lesson as well, but were hoping that hell accept and that we can baptize the family completely! This is a mission goal I have, to be able to see a full family be baptized and so i'm super stoked to see how it goes with them! There a really beautiful family and married!!!!!

Visiting the temple was a real delight this week as well. We were really blessed to travel without getting lost (we were not 100%sure how to get there) but it all worked out and we bought stuff at the distribution center and we got to play Santa Claus this week giving it all away. One grandmother we've rescued is named Maximina and can't read. So I bought her the book of Mormon on CD and she was SOO happy to receive it! She told us how the missionaries always told here they were going to bring it, but for transfers or lack of access to the materials they never did. So we were finally able to complete this promise! Lunch at the temple was pacha-manga and it was DELICIOUS! The peace in the temple is some thing really incredible and if I could I would want to live there. Ha hah I'm looking forward to being a temple worker with my esposito when i'm older!
On the Temple grounds 
Lunch at the Temple "SCORE!" 

and the cherry on top is with the family Davila who are one step closer to getting sealed! They're all scheduled to get their temple recommend renewed this week, and then in January when the husband will return from work again they'll get sealed. This family has been really special for me and if they get sealed, then it was all worth it (my time here in Collique).

Merry Christmas everyone!

I think it is time for a new towel 
This is ready for the trash!

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