Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I Am So Thankful!


My fancy dress I had to wear it that way so the wind would not expose myself

So in honor of Thanksgiving this week, I bid you all a merry day of gracias and only want to say all the things that I'm grateful for.

Im super duper grateful for the amazing and perfect baptism that we had of two young men, Erick and Jhoncer. We were able get all the lessons taught (well have to go back and teach them real slow) and all the interviews finished, all the baptism clothes collected and whooo we had a FLAWLESS baptism. The President of the Mission came to our service and the ward really came together and helped and most important... were on TIME. I needed to renew my temple recommend so the president cleared his busy schedule and came to our service to help us out. The family of the boys aren't members so we got to present them to the president and it was really spiritual and the testimonies of the two cousins were amazing and it was all happiness!!! Later that night when I was changing the cover of my old recommend, I saw that it said that it expires every TWO years not every year.... So my recommend before was still ok... till november of 2015. Ha. So I didn't need to have the president come... but I would like to think it was suppose to happen that way so the baptism could be amazing (and not that i wasted the time of the pres oops). 

Im thankful for the Pday we had a week ago as a zone in which we played fun games (I got to teach everyone how to play mafia and they loved it) and we finished it off with a paint fight in a field of dirt a block from the church. The pictures are awesome but it wasnt really fun trying to clean up afterwards ahha. After we finished the day off with pizza delievered to our house and NAPS. It was perfect, 
and I'm really grateful my companion also appreciates naps.

Im thankful for the strange fruit my companion shared with me this week and which is named Tuna. Tuna in spanish atune, and tuna is this fruit that is SUPER red inside. I cant explain the flavor because there is nothing like it on the north side of the Americas (lo siento!)

I´m thankful that the two young men came to be confirmed and the family of Jhoncer came (even though their from a different religion) to support thier son. they didn't stay longer than sacrament meeting but thats ok. Little by little. Last night we watched the movie of Jose Smith with them and the dad was really impressed. This family is from the Celba, or the jungle, so reading is a bit of a difficulty for them. but they loved the video, understood it, so were going to try and work with them more with videos. The mom and dad or gung ho to get married, so were working with them to get it all sorted out for the 12 of December, and we hope that in the mean time they can receive a testimony about the church and will want to be baptized afterwards. Well see!

Im thankful for the Mulitzone meeting that we had, and how the president opened up the last hour to a question and answer session which blew my mind a bit. deep doctirne in Spanish really really makes my brain hurt. but we learned some really cool stuff and it was great to see some old friend from the CCM who were transferred into zone closer to my own.

Im thankful for my loving amazing family and that we have temples to be sealed together for time and all eternity. I'm thankful for the opportunity that I have to study and learn a different language, and to immerse myself in a different culture and see just how true and universal is the gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm grateful that soon we will get to be able to celebrate his birth and that he came to the earth to save us from our sins!

Thanks to everyone for all your support and thoughts as wel.

Hermana Bowers
My companion name tag was wearing out- so she had to get creatve

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