Monday, November 10, 2014

Primary Sacrament Meeting

So last week Hermana Jimenez had a transfer, so now I have Hermana Zàrate with me! She is from Peru, is 20, and the funny thing is that she was my sister trainer before! But now shes my companion and is very grateful to be able to focus on one area, and not have to stress so much about doing visit to other Hermanas or trying to help 4 areas at one time.

My new Comp
A street in our area


Saying Good-bye- transfer week

This week was the primary program in the chapel and it was really really really cute! There were some speakers that weren't shy at all, and some others that were VERY timid, and the ward had a good laugh.

This last Saturday was really exhausting, but we had three really beautiful moments. One was when we showed up for lunch and the hermana had no idea that it was her turn today. Nevertheless she let us in and some how whipped up enough food to make us really really really full and didn't turn us away like has happened in the past. We share scriptures at the end of lunch and it was my turn, so I shared Mosiah 2¨17 about how we are in the service of God when we serve, and when she was in the middle of reading it she started crying! I knew the spirit was telling her that she did a good thing to find us food.

The second was we shared a parable in Mathew 21 about two sons and the importance of commitments with this less active that ALWAYS says oh yes ill come to church, but never follows through. we had him read this passage and then asked him what it meant. hes tried wiggling his way out of it and refused to understand at first, but i explained it plain to him and then he finally admitted and saw his fault. we called in the morning Sunday to help remind him, and HE ATTENDED church! Boo ya!

Third is we went to visit less actives with a member of the Relief Society counsel and we shared a scriptures, asked her what she thought, and well she just opened up and told us all her worries doubts and why she wasn't assisting. She said she felt along and began to cry, and then the sister from relief society (hermana tito) got up, crossed the room, took the crying sister in her arms and consoled her. She told her she was a special daughter of god and that she is never alone. it was really touching to watch and I almost cried as well ha ha! But it was just beautiful to see the effects of the gospel, and how it works and changes lives in different tongues and cultures. We may never know with 100% certainty if God exists or if this gospel is yes or yes true, but its fruits are beautiful.

Keep me in your prayers and I'm grateful for the support of so many of you!
I forgot and left the water on and flooded our apartment. :(
Hermana Bowers

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