Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!

Reynaldo's Baptism
So this week I celebrated my 13 month mark and Valentines day in the best way possible for a missionary... A baptism!!! Reynaldo Abat is now officially a remember of the restored Church of Jesus Christ. He was sad at first because no one in his family was going to attend, the same day a Sobrina planed a baby shower, there was a wedding, and well of course it was valentines day. But when we were going to the church we told us that it doesn't matter who is there, because its something important that he is doing with God and not with man. we congratulated him for his attitude and the ordinance was completed without a hitch! They didn't put a chair in the baptism font and we were really nervous because before he specifically asked for a chair, but with the member and the elder he was able to go into and come out of the water without a problem and my companion and I sighed a big sigh of relief. Reynaldos son came at the very end and we had a chance to present ourselves and we have plans on trying to visit him in his house and share the gospel as well!

Kristin's Baptism

As a added bonus I got to see Anthony my convert from Collique at a stake activity that they have for the young adults and he is still doing strong, active and is up through 3 Nephi in the book of Mormon! Aldofo is leaving for his mission in 9 days and another youth received his mission call to Columbia. We had an exchange of gifts between the sisters in our zone and Sister Valdivia gave me earrings (and i can still put them in without problems whew!). I was super sweet and a cool experience to think about my Valentines day before in the CCM and the possibles in the future.

Celebrating my 1 year on my mission

Were working for another baptism of a youth named Karen and Sebastian either this month or the beginning of March. 

Today we are having a normal day of work because tomorrow were going to Lima Central as a zone. I'm excited because we planned it well this time and should be doing some pretty fun activities.
Our Zone
This week was also a little funny because we went to the house of a recent convert to teach and there was a team of sell persons form Herbal life. we came both times in the middle of their "show" or pitch and they listened to us and afterwards we listened to them and it was... awkward very awkward but yea we escaped and now the herbal life people know a little more about the word of wisdom and nobodies worse off!
Christ Hill
I hope this week goes well, everyone is with good health and keep me in your prayers! ITS HOTTTTTT.

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