Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Emergency Transfer

Emergency Transfer
Well this week started with a surprise, we were winding down Tuesday in the night and we received a call from the mission assistants. My companion was transferred to another area and we had to be ready in the offices at 10 in the morning the next day! So it was a flurry of packing writing letters, trying to say good bye to members and converts and then whoosh like a twinkling of an eye Hermana Paez was my new companion.

My New Compaion Sister Paez from Mexico

Hermana Paez is from Mexico, she is 20 years old, will complete 10 months in the mission this 7 of March. She loves to cook, sing, dance and is just a great big bundle of joy. I really hope that we stay together in this area of San Carlos for the transfer that starts the 10 of March and I´m super excited to have her as a companion.

So this week as been full of showing my companion all our recent converts, the less active that we're trying to reactive and rescue, and the different families that were trying to teach and help be baptized. Tuesday night we had an activity of carinavles (water games) and we had a few investigators show up which was cool (they didn't come to church this Sunday but its a start no?).
Water Games- our activity

This Saturday we had the a very special baptism for me of Sebastain Brad Blas Sosa. His mother was a less active that we have rescued and with the mother active and supporting we were able to baptize Sebastain. He has been such a great example and support for his mother to be able to reactivate and attend all the hours of church. He was always helping his mom get ready and trying to get her in the church so he could be baptized. Miriam, the mother, is an amazing mother and a dear friend of mine. She is divorced and has had many struggles in her life, but really has all the desires to make it to the temple and be able to put things right and enjoy the blessings that she knows she has been missing. The two are just absolutely fantastic and it was a joy to participate in their baptism this Saturday.
Sebastian's Baptism 

All I have to say this week is that the Lord works in mysterious ways, and he may not always answer our prayers when we want, or how we want them to be answered, but does hear us and always wants what is best for us. I know that if we stay obedient, and try our best he will bless us with joy and happiness and that sometimes its hard to understand and apply, but really our happiness doesn't depend on the actions of other people. I love all of you!
The Zone activity
Eating with the zone at Rustica

Our Service Project- Help cleaning a house- this person has 40 dogs

Hermana Bowers

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