Thursday, March 19, 2015

Getting ready for our puppet show

So Hermana Paéz and I didn't get transferred so I will stay in San Carlos until 21 of April. After that I think that I will go to a different area... "to die" as they say in the mission. I'm really excited to be with my companion and to still be in this area. We are hitting a rut as it goes progress wise, but finally we had one person come to church for the first time this last week, so it was great to have at least ONE that is progressing now.
Our Zone
This last p day we had a parillada with a family in our ward to say goodbye to Elder Mejilla. we now have a new district leader, Elder Vargas, from Texas serving with us in San Carlos, and were excited to be able to progress and have some baptisms soon.

A funny story that happened last night is that we passed by to see if a family was home to visit and they were just leaving, but a neighbor was passing by. We invited her to the talent show that we were going to have and she absolutely lit up! Oh my boy sings and dances she exclaimed. She was talking about it, and then invited us into her house to show us the taping that she had of her child on TV a couple of days ago. And it sure is true, he sings and dances like a little maniac and is incredible! he was in the house (hes 11) and performed for us, as well as his 3 year old sister, and we were talking about his experiences. To show our appreciation we shared a bit about the plan of salvation and the family accepted us to come back and share a bit more this Friday. they told us they won't baptize because they´re baptized in the catholic church, but we have faith that hearing about the restored gospel will help the holy ghost to touch their hearts and changes their minds! That is a big obstacle that we have hit this week about people only wanted to listen to us, but not follow through with their promises. But were trying to do practice and verify better to try and help the people progress.

This next week we have a tour from Elder Godoy, and were super excited. This Wednesday were going to hear from him my companion and I are stoked! Also in our ward we have a missionary activity of a talent show. us missionaries are preparing to tell a story from the Book of Mormon using shadow puppets. We have been working on it with every free moment that we have and I think that it will turn our really great! I don't know how to send videos but at least I try to send pictures.

Hope everything is going well, I love to hear form you all, and I appreciate your prayers, emails, and letters! Yesterday I completed 14 months in my mission. I hope to continue to receive your support for these last 4! Whooo!
Hermana Bowers
My Apartment

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