Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Making Lemonade out of Lemons

Well the last p day we had was an interesting opportunity to make lemonade out of lemons.We had a huge soccer tournament scheduled with the whole mission, and we were 5 min from getting to the field in bus when we received call saying that it was canceled. So we piddled around trying to find something to do, and well after a while my companion and I went out to lunch and then did our grocery shopping. We found some milk that called my interest (to my quarter dutch side) and then we ate ice cream and paid to lay in some massage (I don't know how to spell that) chairs for 10 min. IT WAS FANTASTIC :)
This Milk is called "the Beautiful Dutchess"

Heather emailing home

This week was just trying to find new people to teach that want to progress. We have found that a lot of our investigators receive us to teach and everything, but don't progress. So were trying to find people that are waiting to hear about the gospel and want to complete with the commitments that we leave them (read tier scriptures, go to church). We did divisions to go and pick up people for church, we had a gran total of 11 people we were going to bring... and not a single one came. this is the second week that this has happened so we wont be baptizing until the middle of march (because the investigators need to attend at least 3 time for 3 hours before we can baptize them), but were trying to keep our chins up, and be happy, and see where the Lord guides us.

The most exciting thing this week is that a family of three said yes to baptism. We went to pick them up, but weren't home but at least we got them to say yes, so they´ll be our goal for April :) it was a cool moment when my companion extended the invitation and finally the reservations seemed to melt from the mother and she said YES! With a little more cultivating I think all will work out just great.

Today is transfers, and my companion and I really have no idea what will happen. I hope that we get to stick together till April, or the end of this transfers, but ill have to fill you guys in next week! Our ward is really awesome, and supporting us with praying for our investigators. We have started at the end of every lunch leaving list of names for the families to include in their prayers with their specific challenges. We have received a lot of enthusiasm from the members, and I know well see the fruit of our labors soon!
Heather and her companion 

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