Tuesday, July 22, 2014


                                               TEMPLE TRIP
All of us in the waiting room at the temple
Outside the temple 

           We went to the temple this week, and it was a beautiful experience. We brought four investigators with us, and of these four are two families that want to get married to be baptized. The other was our dear sweet Dalila who has a testimony that just can’t be contained so she likes to come with us to other lessons and testify of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. How awesome is that?! I was able to go inside and do a session with a member that came with us. I'm so grateful for temples, the amazing covenants we can make with our Father, and the work that we can do for others that hadn't had the opportunity to know the gospel during their mortal existence

This week was also the start of teaching an excommunicated bishop in our ward. He has been away from the church for two years and one day we had lunch at his house. We started talking and he said yes that he would accept the discussions again. This week was the first lesson we had with him, and he's been assisting the chapel ever since. Teaching him and seeing him struggle and grow spiritually is one of the most beautiful experiences I've had on my mission.

My beautiful mother was so kind to send my a copy of the book, Jesus the Christ. It was actually kind of a miracle how I got it. We had a work visit this week and we were waiting outside the offices till our companions came so we could swap back. As we were waiting the mail delivery man came to drop a package off. Saturdays are the p-days of the people who work in the office so the whole building was shut down and locked up. The man asked us what he was suppose to do with the package he had to deliver. we kinda shrugged our shoulders, but then saw that the package was indeed intended for none other than Hermana Bowers. We told him that it was actually for me, but I didn't have my I.d. or anything with me. all I had was my badge to say who I was. the mail man hummed and hawed a little but then relented and gave me the package. I had to sign and give the number of a bunch of people but just like that I got my hot little hands on my book and a lovely note from my mother. I've eagerly begun to read Jesus the Christ and makes notes, and I'm really excited to deepen my understanding and relationship with our Savior. Often I think that its just a automatic response, "Yes I know that Jesus loves me and he is our Savoir" but do we really understand that... do we really have a connection with him? Well I'm positively ecstatic to read and learn as much as I can.

Nancy and Jonathan, a family that wants to get married so they can be baptized that came with us to the temple

                                                         Migel and Luz with us on the bus

A typical lunch that I decided to take a quick snap of. it was rice chaufa with fruit and juice. its not a meal here in Peru if you don't have rice

                        Me and Dalila (one of our investigators) on the bus on the way to the temple

My companion and I early in the morning to collect our investigators to go to the temple with us

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