Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Working hard in Peru

Luz and Miguel, the partners that we´re teaching who are preparing to get married, so Luz can be baptized. They finished reading the entire book of Mormon in 2 months! They are some of my favorite people to teach here in Independencia

So here are pictures of some investigators that we´ve been teaching. The woman's name is Luz and the mans name is Miguel. There are a wonderful couple who were teaching, and they´re getting prepared to be married in September! After that Luz can be baptized, and then they´ll start working to go to the temple. They had a chart where every chapter you read in the book of Mormon you can fill in a box. They finished the whole book of Mormon in 2 months!!! how awesome is that?!?!

This week was awesome because we got to visit a dance festival that the primary kids preformed and obtain some references. Also we started teaching this family that has tons and tons of questions about the gospel, and have a strong desire to be baptized (they have to get married first, but were getting there). We just taught them about Joseph Smith and gave them a book of Mormon last night. They have a really catholic background so were going principle by principle and explaining how baptism for small children isn't necessary and how we should pray to saints. Their neighbor also was in the lesson with us, and had tons of questions, and said that she wants us to talk to her husband as well. We super excited to see how they grow these next upcoming weeks!

Also, Dalila, our little miracle door contact got a job offer and a room to live in, thanks to some neighbors in the ward. Today she was suppose to start her work, and in a week move into the room with the member. Its in her hands now, but i hope she went and that she finally distance herself from the relationship she was in to start again and be baptized.

Well see how things go, and hope everyone has a fantastic 4th of July! (Independence day in Peru is the 28th of July so I hope well see some fireworks or something later on in the month).

                                                                                      Me with Luz and Miguel

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