Monday, June 23, 2014

Lots of pictures

So I don't have much time today, but I hope that you all enjoy the pictures from the past week and this week as well!

This week was special because we had training with another zone with the Mission President. This is where we had to present our memorization of the plan of salvation lesson. We BLEW IT out of the water! (Helps when your companion is a theater major and is used to memorizing long scripts of stuff :) ) We learned a lot about the importance of commitments and how we are changing the focus of our work here in Peru. Other than that, things were normal, we had more people in our English class... and nothing really new to report! Enjoy the photos!

Amor de

Hermana Bowers

My first English class....
Hermana Gludehill and Elder Aoki and I during the combat activity

All of us at our bar b q & p-day and movie!

                                       My companion and I with a head we found in the secretaries office

                                Now the front. our jerseys say MPLN (Mission Peru Lima Norte)

                                               The children playing the cup games in our activity

                                                           The zone! well most of it

Some Elders from my zone with me at the first stake center ever made in Peru, where we got to hear from
Elder oaks

                                                           The baptism of Estephano!

                                                          The baptism of Estephano!

Elder Peterson and I, he is home in China right now- seeing and hugging his family, and we couldn't be happier (that he's happy, not the fact that hes gone)

                              The soccer court between our two capillas where we had the activity

                                     All of us as and the zone to say good by to good ole Pete!

                           All of us at the breakfast we had as a zone to say goodbye to our zone leader

                                              Kevin, our recent convert at the activity with us!

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