Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Birthday America!

So this week we had interviews with our Mission President again and had our rooms looked over. All Is good on this side of the equator.

One of the families that we have been working with said yes to getting married! The husband was really reluctant, and didn't want anything to do with the word marriage at first. However this last Sunday, we brought a couple to our ward that was recently married (well three years ago) and they bore their testimony about marriage and the importance of the temple. And at the end of the lesson, the husband said yea I can see that you guys are right and I will talk to my wife, or partner, about it. We finally got him to say yes and then he said he just needed to talk to his wife about the date of the wedding. This is super awesome, because its progress and it will also help the sister that we were teaching as well try and take the steps they need to become members.

We also got in contact again with one of our investigators that want to get baptized really bad, but has to find her own room to live in. We lost contact with her after a while because she found work -thanks to a member that offered her a job. BUT.... she ended up loosing the job due to medical problems, so were back to square one with the whole close to baptism sphere, but shes got her animo back again and were working with her to find another job and fortify her testimony to get her through this rough time.

Red ,White, and Blue for the 4th of July

Ahhh and this week I will complete 6 MONTHS! Tomorrow I will be able to say I only have one year left, and then after Wednesday, less than a year!! Crazy stuff! We had missionaries come again from the CCM and it was really interesting to have them ask me all these questions about when you get the hang of the language and how was my first couple of months. It made me ponder because it feels like yesterday that I was in THEIR shoes wandering around Lima with no idea of what I was doing! Funny how the tables turn yea?
Our nails that we did for p day a while back

That is it for this week! Remember the importance of your family home evenings and daily scripture study! With our obedience we can receive all the blessings that the lord wants to give us :)

Hermana Bowers
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