Monday, July 7, 2014

Service this week as-A TRANSLATOR? yep that is what I did

Picture of some of the youth at a dance festival 

So no changes for me and my companion this transfer. Both Hermana Osinaga and I are still working for the Las Violetas ward! (and I´m really happy for that!!)

The last p-day we did nails with a member in the ward (mirla, the wife of the ward mission leader) and it was super fun! We had Hermana Gledhill with us since her companion wasn't coming to her zone till transfers. We were a trio for the majority of the week and probably had more fun than we should have as a trio.

Also, an awesome experience I had was to work as a translator! yea I was like "wait what, you want me to translate?" but I was at least able to communicate the general and basic idea of both sides so that was really cool to put my bilingualism in action. There is group of EFY kids that have traveled to Peru to see the sights and help build a school. They were going around to the houses of less active youth to invite them to come to a fireside that they were going to have later that day. They didn't have someone to help communicate the message, so our zone leaders called us us and we were able to visits with them. It was awesome to speak some English and see 16/17 year old gringos again. It was a really cool opportunity to translate and see the fruit or put into action the gift of tongues we receive as missionaries.

Its getting colder surely but slowly here in Peru, and today I was finally able to use this big huge jacket I had bought a couple weeks back. While there isn´t much sun hardly ever... I like proselyting better in the winter here in Peru than the summer. 

Happy news for our ward is that there are three women who recently announced that they are pregnant. They roughly all about have the same months, so in the next 4 to 3 months Las Violetas will welcome three precious new souls to the world.

What a marvelous thing it is to participate in the plan of salvation our heavenly father has prepared for us, and be able to come to the earth and have the experiences necessary to develop and grow. Its amazing each time I see a newly born baby, and think not that long ago this amazing spirit had been waiting and waiting to finally have their turn to come to the earth and receive their physical body. I hope that everyone can take a minute and study this plan that God has given to us, and remember our divine potential. remember that we are literally spirit children of God and that he loves us more than we can comprehend.

More dance festival pictures
Until next week -Hermana Bowers

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