Saturday, August 2, 2014

Good Luck In Peru

                                                       Studying in my apartment

Ever had a bird poop on your head? If it happened to you you´d think you´d have rotten luck no, you´d ask yourself, "oh wow of all the things and of all the places the bird had to go, why me?". But quite the contrary! Here in Peru it is a sign of GOOD luck and so you can count Hermana Bowers as one of the luckest missionaries there are! The worst thing is that I didn't even realize that I had what I had in my hair until during a lesson with one of our investigators. I just thought it was just water that dripped on my head. NOPE. So when I found out what it was I started squealing -and we had to leave the house and my companion tried to clean it up as best she could with my water from my water bottle. It was pretty funny I´ll admit. (I can say that now after my shower and all that jazz).
Peru in the winter is really really wet and humid (sooo humid to the point that my towel that I used to dry off from my shower two days ago still hasn't dried out)

This week we had a member that were teaching experience some surprising difficulties in his life, so hes been tagging a long with us during the lessons to try and get his mind off things, and so its been fun trying to teach him how to contact, how to teach and be a missionary (he converted late so he didn't have the chance to serve a mission). Other than that, we had two of our investigators show up to church with their little kids, so it was cool to see them together at church.

Transfers are in two weeks, and I'm sure that this time I´ll get moved around so I'm trying to enjoy the last two weeks I have in Las Violetas! Well see what happens! Keep your faith strong and love the Lord.

Mucho Amor De
Hermana Bowers

                                    Y.W. Pres. Y.M. Pres. in our ward- expecting their 1st child

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