Monday, August 11, 2014

Another Awesome Week in Peru

WHOOO so this week was AWESOME!
Grandma- she always calls me Barbie

Me and Elsa and Nelle

First off we finally finally FINALLY got Dalila in the waters of baptism, and after yesterday she has received the gift of the Holy Ghost. We bumped into her on the street this morning as we were running around doing errands and she couldn't stop telling us how happy she was. She's a special one that girl! Her boyfriend, whose agreed to her baptism, support her in keeping the law of chastity and her moving out of her house assisted both the baptism and the confirmation. We hope to be able to teach and progress with him someday!

The Mission President and Delila

The Group at the baptism
Delila & her boy friend
The Rodriguez

Also, the same Saturday, but early in the morning, we had the apollada de Nancy and Jhonatan (yes that is how you spell it) to raise money for their wedding. We were running around all week trying to get the members to either donate food to help out or buy a plate of chicken to support the pollada and the night before we were really worried if we would come out with a profit. BUT the lord has his hand in all things and not only did we come out with a profit, but just barley enough to pay for the expenses of the wedding! Me and my companion were rejoicing and doing a lot of praying of thanks for our loving Heavenly Father who helped us, help this couple to take one more step to put their life in order. So we don't have a wedding date just yet for them, were working with Jhonathan to overcome a few things, but when we can were going to save the date and finally finally get this family married, and eventually baptized as well! It was really amazing how the whole family of Nancy and Jhonatan help cook and prepare, even though they have thier own religion and beliefs.
Making Chicken for the wedding
Ward members helping with the chicken


The only bitter sweet thing of this all is that today is the day of cambios. I´ll find out after internet if I have a change but its 99.9% sure that this is my last two days in Violetas! But you never know. I have six months now in this area, but there are stories of people who have had up to 9 months in one area, so yea I guess you all will find out next week! Also coming up this week we have a Multi zone meeting and a test on the memorization of lesson 1... which well I don't have memorized so this is going to be a little bit of a disaster, but you just keep rolling on no?

Investigator on date for the 23rd 
Thank you so much for your loving support and keep up the work in your own wards! Visiting and Home teaching is SOOO important to sustain a ward and us missionaries are SO HAPPY when you members do you visiting teaching

Miguel who came to buy some chicken

Helping out at the Hamburger store

mucho amor
Hermana Bowers
Making cookies for the Latino's


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