Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Transferred to the City Collique

Transferred to Collique

The City in my neighborhood-Collique
So, it finally happened. I finally, after 6 months, have experienced being transferred! So goodbye good old Las Violetas in Independencia, and hello to Zona Collique, ward Collique. We share the ward with two elders, and we eat lunch together everyday. I`ve only have had about five days here in the ward, so I'm still getting to know the area, the members, and the people that were working with.

My Zone in Independencia

District Jose Galves, -Los Violetas

It was so sad to say goodbye to all the amazing people in Las Violetas. I took pictures with as many of the special people that I could and will always remember them and how amazingly kind they were. It is amazing that I could make such awesome friends in six short months, While I was there half of the time I couldn't understand what in the world these people were saying. But with time a patience I slowly understood and my heart has forever been touched and changed by the people I have met here in Peru.

Kevin-My first convert
Rodriguez Family

Amachi Family

Mirla the wife of the mission leader-a dear friend.

So, Collique is basically the opposite of everything that I had in Las violetas geographically. Ha ha its going to take a bit to get use to, but I will admit that I was a little excited for change as well. The whole area is a HUGE hill with an incline similar to that of "Roseales Hill" in the field behind our house. I am hoping to lose some weight and get back in shape a little. The area I am in now is a lot more humbler than Las Violetas and it has made me realize how much the people in my anterior area really had. Here, its luxurious if you have a cement floor. The majority have only dirt floor, walls made out of brick if your lucky, and tin roofs. Thank goodness it doesnt rain very much here in Lima!!

This week we had another pollada activity to help a sister raise money to get out of debt, so she could get married, so she could get baptized. We were short about 10 people the night before and we worried about how we were going to make it, but by some miracle we sold all the plates of food and yea if all is well, well have a baptism of a family this Saturday. Who-ow!

Also, we had service this week and we helped mix concrete to make a floor for a family that lives in the area of our zone leaders. I´ll admit I watched more than did anything (us girls aren't really good for hard labor) but it was great to help in any way that I could.

My companion now is Hermana Jimenez from Argentina! She just turned 28 this week, so we celebrated with pizza!! She just got done opening the area and training a new North American, so shes really grateful I can somewhat speak Spanish and have a little time under my belt. Seven months now, whoo!

My new companion- Hermana Jimenez                            Pizza Celebration!

I love you all and thank you always for your continual support! Keep my in your prayers!

Hermana Bowers

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