Monday, March 31, 2014

My First Convert Baptism!!

Soooo.... the computer I'm on this time... well I don't think the USB drive works.... so no pictures :( I have a ton to send too! but I guess next week.

So first funny thing this week is that we had a surprise visit from the mission president and his wife. we got a phone call around 9 that the mission presidents wife was outside our door waiting for us to unlock it. Not everyone had changed at that point from their pajamas (myself included) so it was a mad scramble to get dressed and tidy up our house while the the other sisters went to let the sister Erickson in. It reminded me of The Best Two years and must have been hilarious to watch.

I had my first baptism in the mission where we have worked with the member from the ground up. We contacted into Kevin maybe the first or second week in our area and this past Saturday Kevin was baptized. He received the gift of the holy ghost yesterday, and in two Sundays (because this week is general conference woot woot) he'll get the priesthood. We have transfers, or cambios, this next week and I hope that I don't get switched so I get to be here too see Kevin continue to grow! Another awesome thing was the next Sunday was fast Sunday (once again because of general conference) and Kevin got up and bore his testimony!

The cool thing was that Elder Sitton, a fellow missionary in the same district as me in the CCM, baptized Kevin. So yay for district 107 in the Peru CCM! Its crazy to think that a couple days ago was my one month mark in the field. With this next week I'll have more time in the field than I did in the CCM!

Also, I had TWO meals without rice here in Peru (this is all but unheard of!) we had spaghetti one day, and then for lunch on Sunday we had pizza with Hermana Espinoza's teacher in the CCM. He pulled us aside in church and asked us what we wanted because he knows that on a mission you don't have much of a choice and he wanted to make sure that we had a say. So we had pizza and ice cream with Incacola and it was BOMBDIGGITY!

Hermano y Hermana Carpio were recently married too so they were showing us picture of their weddings and we just had a grand ole time oooing and awing over their wedding pictures.

Well much love from Peru as always. Also I'm not above begging for letters, so if you feel in your heart to do a good deed, write me a note and send it!

<3 Hermana Bowers

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