Monday, March 10, 2014

Of Blessings and Robots

District 107

So this week was a lot better than last week thats for sure. I feel like they should have a class in the CCM specifically for handling the shock of transitioniong through the first week in the feild, becuase seriously I was thrown for a loop. However I'm getting the hang of things and am hoping everything is on the up and up from here. Thanks to everyone for your support-- it truley means a lot. Now I'm putting a disclaimer here in the beginning that I describe my ward\ mission with only about 60% certainty because that is about how much of the time I know what is going on.
Me & My Companion

So this one lady we contacted into is taking care of her mother, and her mother has one foot in the grave. She has a bed in her living room where the mother sleeps. We were teaching about the plan of salvation to her, and then the woman asks us to pray for her mother. So my companion offers a prayer, and then the lady looks at me and asks if I can pray also. I say sure I can try and almost start, and then the lady says no I want you to put your hands on my mothers leg (I guess there was an infection there or somthing) I'm confused beucase I dont know what she said and the lady takes my hands and puts them on the grandmas leg, I look frantically at my companion and she just kinda shrugs and gives me the go ahead. so I say just a normal prayer and after some more chitchat we leave. As soon as we are outta the house my companion starts laughing and says I have the mujerdocio (sacerdocio but for women, (like a women priesthood joke)) I'm embarassed as all get out, but what makes matters worse is that later that night the zone leaders came to give the grandma a blessing and the lady tells them abou MY blessing and how as soon as we left the grandmas has been much more healthy relaxed and doesnt moan as much. Ugh I just hung my head in shame and didn't know what to say. Everyone was kinda chuckling about it, but I sinned in ignorance so hey what can you do hahaah.

Also we were vivisting less active members and we found this one member who is this 98 year old man that lives with his grandchildern. He wears this really big overcoat and top hat and is well halarious. My companion can't really understand him becuase he speaks old-people-language but when we tired to shake his hand he started doing the robot. When we finally got his hand he tried kissing my hand. I was like "oh no no no thats ok you don't need to do that". (everytime we go to his house and I shake his hand I have to snatch it away pretty quick) Hes a bit senile so the lesson didn't last very long but I have never seen such a spry 98 year old in my life!

Something else that made this week a lot better was that I got to see a lot of people from my district in the CCM. We had to go to immigration to get our Visas (I'm a Peruvian now for the next 17 months) and so we got to see others from other missions as well. It was great because we got to cry and laugh together about how terrible our first week was, and it was good to know that others were feeling and experiences some of the same things as me. Also it was bomb diggity to speak English for a big hunk of time so that was greeaaatttt!
The Girls that were leaving the CCM

At church we had 7 of our investigators attend. My companion and I were giving each other high fives all the way home from church. I hope that they continue to come and feel the love of the Lord!

It started raining the other day, which was a treat because it apparently never rains in my mission. Nothing hard but just a light sprinkle and my companion was freaking out. She said never in her 5 months here in Peru has it rained to that extent. It left our clothes dirty (ya dirty rain, whats up with that??) but it was fun to walk and sing in the rain.

We have someone from the area of the 70 coming to talk to us this firday so I'm stoked to see what happens. Don't know how much of it I'll understand, but hey, it means a good amount of time sitting down so I'm STOKED. Plus I know that the spirit will help me understand the things that I need to, as long as im trying to pay as much attention as I can.
Singing before we left the CCM -God be with you

Know that I love everyone and rooting for missionary work across the globe. Never before have I realized how important members reaching out to investigators and doing splits with the missionaries were. So keep up the good work and always look for ways that you can help the missionaries out. The Lord is hastening his work now, and now is the time to open your mouth and do what you can to let people know about the gospel . It's up to them to accept or not, but at least we can invite.

Mucho amor de,

Hermana Bowers

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