Monday, March 24, 2014

Life in Peru

So a little bit about life here in Peru.
This is a picture of the family that had a baptism this week. the child who was baptized is named Johan (Yo-han). While its a baptism of the ward (the family is members and he is eight) we had to teach him the lessons and we had fun setting up for his baptism (aka sweeping out the trash and coacroaches from the room/font ewww!!)
We live in the third floor of an house/apartment which a member owns. There are four sisters living here (me included) but we are assigned to different areas. My other roomates are Hermana Cruz and Hermana Luna. They are from Honduras and Mexico respectivley. We pay the member who lives below us to make us breakfast, we always have lunch at a members house, and then dinner is up to us. Usually we don´t eat till after we get back to the house around 9:20 and we since we dont have a stove or microwave we usually eat small stuff like bread or apples.

Peruvians eat soooo much. Both lunch and dinner are huge here. Every meal so far though (for lunch) has been pretty much the same. We always have rice, potates and 90% of the time chicken. Sometimes there will be some veggies or soup or something else thrown in.
Peru does not have a seista time, however contacting from 3-4/5ish is the hardest because no one is home or is taking a nap, or are eating lunch. these are usually the longest hours of the day for us.
The weather is hot hot hot and humid. It hardly ever rains in my mission, and is just pretty cloudy/ muggy. There is a big hill next to the city where I live, but its all made out of dirt so when the wind blows it stings your eyes. The sun is out somedays and others it's overcast (but you still get burnt to a crisp!)
My companion is from Honduras from a city which I think is about 2 hours away from the capital. She was studying accounting before her mission, but does not like numbers haha. She is nineteen and has 5 months on her mission. I'm the first person she's trained. She actually wasn't going to be my trainer, but some last min stuff happened and she got a call 2 hours before our cambio meeting, and she had to pack all her stuff up and change houses. Her area was the one right next to ours (same stake and everything) but different capilla, so she sees all her old ward members, but isn't in thier ward anymore.
I wouldn't say that I´ve eaten any especially weird stuff, its just... different. The standards of living here are different, so while a piece of chicken is a piece of chicken, its an adventure eating it after I´ve seen where its been and how it was cooked.

Eveyone drinks soda here, and water so so. Incacola is HUGE and I want to see if I can find it back in the states to share with you guys.

This is a friendly dog I see every morning. I liked his sweater.
Nothing really super exciting this week. I had the 24 hour stomach flu Wednesday so I was home lying down while my poor companion tried to find people to do splits with. We had some movies I tried watching with our little dvd player (and yea -calm down they're movies like only a stone cutter or finding faith in Christ nothing disobedient lol)-- but they were only in Spanish (I couldn't get English subtitles). But I look forward to the day at the end of my mission when I'll be able to re-watch them in Spanish and know whats going on lol.

Something new this week was that our apartment started going back to this exercise thing that our zone leader does in the mornings called Insanity. He brought an exercise video from home and got it authorized that we could wake up at 5:30 (gross I know!) to go to the church building and do a work out. Since I was sick today (this Monday) was my first day doing it, and WHEW it's tough. But it was good to exercise for realsies (we can't really run in the mornings and stuff because it's dangerous to be out when not a lot of people are about). But don't worry, my area is not like dangerous and bad, we just have to be careful in the early mornings and later evenings (like everywhere else). But yea insanity! Its insane! lol
We have our first baptism set up for this Saturday, so if all goes well next week I'll be able to tell you about our baptism of our investigator Kevin!

Sending much love from Peru!

Hermana Bowers

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