Monday, March 17, 2014

Highlights Of This Week

We had an area 70 come and talk to us the missionaries and the stakes in the area and it was great! The work here in Peru is shifting, becuase we had an era of a lot of baptisms in the past, but now a lot of those people are inactive, so we have a program called "The Rescue"where we are focusing on reactivating those members. The 70, Elder Waddell, said "baptism without the temple is nothing" so we're working trying to get into the homes of our menos activos and teach them about the importance of the temple.

He also taught us a great lesson about missionary work paralleled with the last plague of Moses. Just as the people had to sacrifice a lamb, collect the blood and put it on the door, we missionaries give service, collect lessons and have to apply them in our lives after our mission. And the importance of the last step is the most important because just as if the people didn't put the blood on the door, if we don't apply our lessons were learning after our mission, the primary sacrifice or service was for nothing.

Ha but funny story, on our way to the meeting with Elder Waddell-- I got a dust pan of dirt dumped on me from a floor above. I don't think it was on purpose but we had to stop, find some paper and try to clean me up. Its funny now, but at the moment ... no.

Also another funny encounter... we were teaching a 17 year-old, (Nelson), and he lives on the third floor of this apartment complex thing. However the second floor people have this barbaric savage dog named Tommy. So every time we go to teach we have to have someone help us hold Tommy till were in the house. Well on the way down from the lesson we didn't see Tommy (he goes on strolls around the town sometimes) so we thought we were in the clear. Half way down the last set of stairs here comes Tommy barking and snarling. My companion books is up the stairs, I don't have time to run too far so I try and trap myself behind the gate of someones door. BUT the door behind it was open so I fall into this strangers house with this rabid dog snarling and snapping at the gate. Haha we made it out safely but it was an adventure.

Also, some fun news-- we got some new furniture in our house the other day. Its this cute pink little rosy couch and two chairs, so after planning at 9:30 when were eating our dinner we can sit down and relax :) Oh yea and random news, I had my two month birthday on the 15. TWO MONTHS down and only.... ooof 16 more to go!

Me and my companion setting on our new couch.
Sending much love to those back in the States. Lemme tell ya, I love my country so gosh dang much, and I vow after my mission that the 4th of July will never go uncelebrated in a grand manner lol. Thanks for keeping up with my blog and thanks to my mom for keeping this up and running!
The Sisters in our Apartment

Till next week. Herma Bowers 

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