Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference Weekend!

Me with a gorilla statue that is in the mall next to my area. I'm just being silly pretending he is sweeping me off my feet for some romantic cita (date)

General Conference Weekend!!! I hope that everyone was able to have a good experience listening to the words of the prophet. Now more than ever I am so grateful for a living prophet, and it is so cool to see and hear (well not for me) him after teaching so many people about how we have a prophet in this day and age.

For me conference was completely in Spanish, so I wasn't able to understand much. So if you feel so inclined, shoot me an email with your favorite quote or talk :)

My companion and I looking especially fine for general conference

However, this gave me the opportunity to really appreciate the songs during conference. Those aren't translated into Spanish and it was SO SO good to hear the beautiful voices of the choir (the Latinos here have a little hard time singing on key). My favorite hymn was Lead Kindly light. That song is starting to become the theme of my mission.

Also, the Brother (Wadell I think) who gave the closing prayer at the end of the first Saturday session was the same general authority who came and talked to us last month! It was cool to see him and know that I've shook his hand and was able to talk to him for just a bit.

Funny story time: My companion and Hna Luna tried to pull a trick on me. They got a fake mouse from a member and put it in the shower right before I was going to use it. The funny thing is that it didn't scare me the way they wanted. I saw the mouse in the shower, gasped, but then just kinda shrugged and went to get toilet paper to grab the mouse by the tail to throw it away. When I picked it up was when I realized that it was fake. It's funny for me to see just how much my gross tolerance has changed. Before - I know that I would have shriek screamed and dashed out of the room,but now after living in Peru for a while, well... its the normal standard of living and stuff like that you just have to get over. They got our other Hermana pretty good though, and we all had a good laugh.

My companion and Hna Luna tried to play a trick on me with a fake mouse ahha :
This is a moto taxi that we sometimes take to get places in a rush. sometimes all four of us try to squeeze in the back and it probably looks pretty silly but its fun!

In addition to conference, we also had a work visit (visita de trabajo) where my companionship swapped one Hermana with a companionship of Hermana trainers. So I got to go to a different area with a different Hermana and spend the night there. My companion was Hna. Shriver who is a fellow gringa from UT. Shes been here for 10 months and I learned so much from her! 

The view of the hills/ town in Peru. this isn't my area exactly but a taste of what the city looks like
It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good to be able to speak some English and ask questions about how things should be run. What was also a good surprise was the other Hermana who spent the night at my house left little post-it-notes of love and encouraging quotes randomly through my books, clothes, desk etc. So I'll be going about my day as normal and then find this cute little note of love or a sweet quote randomly. I'm really grateful for her love and thoughtfulness!

All the Hermanas in the house!!
Thank you all so much for your love and constant encouragement. I got LETTERS this week and am humbled and so grateful for those of you who took the time to send me a note. I'm learning now more than ever that our Lord often answers our prayers through others, and its so encouraging to see how many people there really are rooting you on and wanting you to succeed.

The members in the ward that helped us meet and teach Kevin!

I'm so grateful for our prophet and that we have all the restored keys of the gospel on the earth today. Its so great to be able to teach people about the importance of prophets and how we have awesome prophets like Joseph Smith or Moses to use as examples. Now as a missionary I've seen just how much effort and love and prayers go into helping each person that we teach learn and have a better life, and I know that this church is true.

Me Elder Sitton, Kevin and Hna Espinoza

Much love,
Hermana Bowers

We don't have a lot to do on p days because our zone is so small... so we just kinda sit around sometimes

(PS I finished my first transfer in the field!!! We find out after our internet time who is staying and who is going... so I'll update you in my next email. However I'm 99% sure that I' m staying right where I am.

(See pictures below)

My companion used my camera to take pictures of buildings that she liked in our area. she wants to combine all the pictures and model her future house after them

My favorite house in our area

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