Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Baptism number two from Las Violetas from Hermana Espinoza and Hermana Bowers
A picture is worth a thousand words right? Ha ha so this week I tired to take more pictures of just our daily week. We had a baptism of another youth this last Saturday and it was a beautiful experience to see her baptized and receive the Holy Ghost!

Enjoy the photo's!

The baptism of a youth named Anayka! Shes been wanting to be baptized for a while, but couldnt becuase her mom wouldnt sign the form. However when she had her birthday and was adult she chose to get baptized!
Our companionship with the mini missionary we had for one day! She is getting ready to leave for her mission in Bolivia this next week! It was so much fun to have her tag along with us.
On our last p day up on the hill over looking the city
The view of the city and my area. We have a large area around the white water tower
Me and my companion with the cui -one member had above his house. One day I really want to try cui!
The family that owns spike and Tommy. We are teaching them about the gospel and helping them to take steps to get married, so that Cynthia, the mother, can be baptized. Diego, the father, is a menos activo and they have an adorable son who just turned 1 named Alesanjdro. 

a typical lunch one day along with lemonade and fruit
The family that kinda owns Tommy, the Satan dog, also they got a new dog named spike! Spike is a lot more friendly than Tommy is, and loves loves loves to slobber

Some kids in the street were trying to Pogo stick, and well I busted out my moves and showed them how it was done! I felt kinda silly but my companion assured me that it wasn't breaking any rules or anything. lol

Round two of Pogo jumping
The stairs you have to climb to one members house

Tommy the dog from Satan that we have to have someone come and take care of every time we try and teach two of our investigators
And as always, thanks to Jaylene Bowers for keeping up the Blog!

Mucho Amor De

Hermana Bowers

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