Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Christmas Finally Came!

Well the mission this week has been a great joy for me. Im anticipating that ill be transfered to a new area (ill find out later today if yes or not) and so i´ve been trying to enjoy my last week in SanCarlos as much as i could. I had my happy 15 month mark and me and my companion worked hard, but also were able to celebrate well the week long. We first made hot chocolate and had a good long chat about everything. The pday last week, we went to the central market and bought matching cheeta pants that we wore and took pictures with! The small but sweet joys of life no?

The next day we went to a small resturant next to the church that is owned by less actives. We contacted the owner, ordered a meal (for my happy month) and then were able to make an appointment to talk with the owner this next week that comes. I hope it all works out and we can rekindle the spirit in his heart.
El Piconcito
Thursdaday was awesome becuase we had lunch with the bishop, and he went and found A&W rootbeer and we had rootbeer floats. They were sooo good and Elder Ushi never had tired it before so it was fun to share it with him. he brough his worms or suri again so we were able to try it for a 2nd time. Also... a suprise came and i got a huge package in the mail. After 5 months in travel... finally my christmas package came and it was soo fun to open it and have a mini christmas experience. My companion and i divided the gifts into two piles and took turns opening the gifts up. I explained the joke we have in our family about how everything is a flashlight and my companion was playing along. it was soooooooooo cool to get all the cool stuff, and then be able to share it with the people we visit. I was passing out a piece of beef jerkey to all the people we visit and then the memebers of our ward council. Some liked it, some not... but it was a first expeirence for a lot of them!

I finally got my Christmas box!

Trying Jerky for the first time
Sharing Beef Jerkey with the Zegarra Family (Anni, Dianna, and Sofía)
Root beer Floats!

Trying out Root Bear Floats
Members of our ward counsel

We tried to show a little love to some of the less actives or recent converts that were attending church through means of heart attacking and it was fun to try and sick everything up and then try and run away with out being detected. The week ended on a high note with an old investigador attending church. her name is Maivey and she is a single mother a little boy that has 6 years. Were hoping to work with her to be bapitized with her goal of May. Well see what happens!

We had to attack his car, cause his door was open.

End result of heart attacking

Saying Goodbye to my "mother" the great, one and only Hermana Espinoza

District San Carlos: Elder Ushi, Hermana Bowers, Hermana Páez, Elder Vargas

Funny faces

La Hermana Alisia who always made every lunch by hand and with such affection!

My companion found this cock roach in her cup after the hot chocolate night
The Bishop's son Dillan "This is the life"
Thanks for everyone and your support!
Hermana Bowers

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