Saturday, April 18, 2015

I love to decorate!

I miss my cat!

Check out the rainbow!
What can I say about this week. We had interview with the president, and that leaves me with one more interview in July before I return home. It was a good chance to talk to him for a little bit and Sister Ecrickson gave us REESES for having our apartment clean. I about cried and it was soooo good when i ate it later. This week my companion had her happy 11 month mark and so I ordered us pizza to celebrate. the actual date when she had her 11 months we didn't do anything because we were sick and had ward council so we got late home. So i made it up to her and ordered the pizza but it was SOOO late when it arrived! We asked at 9;15 and it got to our room at 11. We had given up hope, brushed our teeth and were in bed. Then BOOM BOOM BOOM we hear a knock on our door and it was the pizza woman. We step out blurry eyed and accept the pizza. I pay the price (everyone tells me it should have been free, but what would have Christ done?) and we have a little picnic on our floor eating the pizza until 11:30 at night. Ha ha.

Pizza at 11:30 pm

One of our recent converts, Rosita, had her 13th birthday and we helped out the mom (who isn't a member) in decorating the house when her daughter was at school. It was super fun, and made me realize how much I miss decorating! Crazy. It was cute to see everyone getting excited, and then we pass by later in the night to take some silly photos and see just how absolutely she glowed with happiness with her birthday party.

Other than that our week was normal. Just teaching preaching, and trying to get people to come to church. This week was... another let down. The people that we committed to come... didn't. We passed by their houses, called them... and nothing. So last night we went to visit them and see what happened. Were trying to keep things positive but its been week after week of the same that were admittedly getting frustrated. But there is always hope for this next week and we hope to start it off well. We even fasted this Saturday for our investigator, and it was exactly when everyone wanted to buy us food that night. but we were strong and said no no no and were able to complete our fast! It´ll do good I know! Well next week are transfers so well see where I end up going (either staying here or going to a new area). I hope that everyone is in good health and I wish you all the very best!

Pday we had no net to play volley ball so we got creative and used a hose. 

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