Thursday, April 2, 2015

Yunsa! --Peru's Easter Celebration

Well I´m short on time due to some school matters but I hope you enjoy the fotos of the yunsa! This week is the semana Santa or the holy week to commemorate Easter. Were going to do a special activity Wednesday to celebrate Jesus and his resurrection, and the people here have various forms to be able to celebrate. A Yunsa is when they put up a tree full of prizes, it could be balloons, shirts, plastic chairs, food, and then they all dance around the tree and take turns whacking at it with an ax. The person who cuts the tree has to pay for the new tree next year. Its a gran pinata of sorts ha ha. This week, once again, we didn't have investigators in the chapel. Its interesting because were doing all our part, so were trying to stay positive and see what the lord is trying to teach us. Enjoy general conference and I hope that all is well wherever it is that you read this letter!!!!!
Eating Breakfast with the zone
Hermana Bowers

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