Thursday, May 14, 2015

Family Search Missionary

These last two weeks have been great! I think that I'm finally getting the hang of what it is that we do and teach, and how to help the people here get to become familiar with the program and feel the need to do their family history. We had a great trip to the temple in which 11 different converts went, and it was the first time for 5 of them to enter and do the work for the dead. Many of the people that we have been working with have their own names from their family to do the work for, so it was a great spiritual experience for them. I`ve forgotten how much it is that I explained the week before about what it is that we do: so forgive me if this is a repeat.
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My companion and I, Hermana Inca, travel the different stake centers/ capillas during the week and work in the family history centers. There the missionaries in the area make an appointment to bring either a recent convert or a person freshly rescued to come talk with us. For the first visit we give a "in depth" lesson about God`s promise to have all hear about the gospel, how Jesus went to the spirit world to preach when his mortal body was in the tomb for three days and how is it that the two sides of the spirit world are liberated. If your really curious the majority of scriptures that we use are:

John 3:16

Romans 10:17

John 5:20

Isaiah: 6:1

Luke 23

John 20:17

D&C 138

And well since I`m learning more about how to use the family search program and I`m fortunate enough to have some of the people already added to my tree- I wanted to do a highlight or a shout out to an ancestor this week. This week I want to start out with two, Abraham Jame Bowers Sr. and Christina Sinclair- my great great grandparents on the side of my father. What I could read about them is that they had a "Golden Wedding" anniversary celebrating their 50 years married together. 50 years!!!! How crazy is that? They had a huge party and invited all the the town to come dance and celebrate. There is one story in which a son fondly recalls that during the party, his father asked him for 5 dollars to pay the band, because they had spent just about everything for their party! How funny is that. This amazing couple served a mission for 6 months in the Manti temple, and had various calling including being part of a "ward reunion committee for over 20 years". There are a great example to me on how to have a marriage that really is made to last.
Great Great Grandparents
Also wanted to give a shout out to my awesome family this week who were able to Skype with me! Thanks so much and i love you all and i hope that everyone is doing well and that well be able to see each other soon :)
My Family

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