Thursday, May 28, 2015

16 Months and Still Going Strong!

Celebrating at Chili's
16 months and still going strong!

All is well in Zion this week, and serving as a sister missionary consultant of family history has been rewarding. As we traveled to the different stakes this week, we had the opportunity to meet lots of new people this time around and start new accounts, and reserve lots of new names. This is really exciting, because its a new wave of people that we want to help make it to the temple and of course that means that their ancestors can progress as well. Thinking back on the week, there was an older gentleman Saturday, named Santiago who was very prepared! He came with the missionaries that were teaching him, and he only had one year as a member, but was super gung-ho to be able to do his own family work in the temple. As we shared the discussion with him and two other brothers that were in the room, he knew all the answers and we had to call on the other participants specifically by name to give them a chance to answer the questions. Santiago was so thrilled and so excited to answer all the questions that you just couldn't help but smile and share in his enthusiasm. He diligent reads the Book of Mormon everyday (re-reading it now because he`s already finished it) and studies his principles of the gospel Manuel as well- what a great conversion this man has had! He told us that his wife still will have nothing to do with the church, but with his contagious enthusiasm and spiritual spunk- I believe that all things are possible!

We also had a great opportunity this week to hear directly from our President and his wife. I absolutely love multi-zone conferences and the messages that President Erickson and Sister Erickson really touched home with me! I loved Sister Erickson`s talk as she described the joy she recently had to have ALL of her family (minus the president because he stayed in Peru with us) enter the temple to be there for the sealing of one of her sons. As she showed us the picture of their family together, she reminded us that she has TWO families and wants the same success and same results from the family that she has here in Peru (us the missionaries). She talked about how in her early marriage years, her husband and her put goals on how they wanted to cultivate their family and how they looked to other examples in the church congregation to see how it was done. Some interesting "techniques" mentioned were:

The son/daughter can not drive until they have their eagle scout/ young woman medallion

Everyone sits together in church, and we go EACH Sunday

Monthly father interviews with each member of the family

Family home evenings and prayer

*This next one I actually heard a while a go from a brother that was talking in a stake conference I think but its deserves a mention here: You can not use your phone as scriptures for church meeting etc. until you have read ALL of the scriptures yourself physically.

President Erickson talked about the different attitudes and influences that the spirit, or Satan can have on us. It gave me a lot of insight on some past behaviors that well, I need to repent of and how I can better recognize the influence of the spirit to be who Heavenly Father wants me to be.

This upcoming P-Day will be a special "mundial" pday and so we will be using internet Saturday. So for those who write me, this week I ask that you mail it Friday night so there is something to read that day. Thank you all so much for your support and I hope to hear from y'all next week!

Our laundry lady did not have water- So we are doing it ourselves

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