Monday, May 26, 2014

Stake Conference this week

Our zone before our transfers, we said goodbye to our district leader Edler Ruiz, Hermana Moe, and Elder Martinez de Amancae
So no transfers this round, so I got a another month and a half at least in Las Violetas, and I couldn't be more happier. Finally I´m starting to understand a bit more, and remember names and faces of the people here in the ward. I´m finally able to ask questions and understand the stories of each of the members, so I really really don't want to leave just yet. 

Me and Hermana Moe, shes such a great example to me on how I want to be when I have 10 months in the mission!

The stand out of this week was that we had Stake Conference. The session we had Saturday was all about Ward council, who should be attending and what is is we should be talking about and with what papers. One of our recent converts, Jaime, came and sat behind us. Poor guy, he was bored out of his mind. He´s really gung-ho to get a calling though, but he has to wait till he has the  Melchizedek priesthood. He´s almost there and I´m super excited to see and talk with him when he´s finally achieved this important step in his life!

The Sunday session we had one investigator show up. Her name is Reyna and we have been teaching here for a good long while but she just hasn't progressed. She recently found out though that she has the beginning stages of cancer, so after church our zone leaders gave her a blessing of health. I´m hoping that the blessing was maybe the thing that will help Reyna realize that the church is here to help her, and through her obedience she can have those blessings promised to her!

We also door contacted into a wonderful young women named Dalila. We had three fantastic lessons with her, and she accepted the date for the 21st to get baptized. The thing is that she is living with her boyfriend at the moment, but knows that she has to move out to obey the law of chastity. She loves him, but knows that he wont accept her decision to get baptized. Notwithstanding, she is still willing to move out and try and find a job to be able to be baptized and receive the holy ghost. We couldn't be more amazed at her faith and willingness to accept the gospel. We have more appointments with her this week, and do all we can to help her come closer to Christ and accomplish the things she needs to to be able to be baptized this next month. 

That is all this week, know I´m so thankful for this gospel and all those who are supporting me either via mail or email. 

Mucho amor de Hermana Bowers

Me Hermana Cruz and Hermana Rene, our pentionista that helps cooks EVERYDAY for us and lets us use her house some times for p-day
My companion did my hair the morning of our Stake conference. My companion has the strangest and coolest talents.

My companion, who hates spicy (like you mom!) who i got to try a hot Cheetos. She tried one, screamed, and then chugged practically half a carton of yogurt. And even after that she said that the Cheeto was still burning her lips. This was her face afterwards.

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