Monday, May 12, 2014

On the Verge of Change

So where to start.

First off we have a special p-day with all of the mission this upcoming Monday, so were taking our internet time Saturday. 

Well, we got a call around 8:30 am this morning informing my companion that she has an emergency transfer. She has to pack up all her stuff and be ready by 12 today to be driven to her new area, where we still don't know where yet. So this means in the next 3 hours I´ll have a new companion and will have to take charge of all our investigadores and appointments until the new sister gets the hang of things and can help out.

I´m really sad to see Hermana Espinoza go, but I know that the Lord has his hand in all things. I know that we´re suppose to have each and everyone of our companions for a reason, and I´m anxious and excited to be able to get to see and know my new companion for this next long while.

Maria Bastida her son Daniel and her husband Florencio who were trying to work with these past two weeks to be baptized the 24 of this month. (they took us out to La Leña) Well see if he can make his date! But Maria Basitda is just amazing, the incarnation of charity!!! I love her so much!

I forgot the name of this, but a member from Argentina made this for lunch. It was like a spinach and hamburger crepe and we had a huge glass of jello afterwards!

 In the pic are Hermano Rodrigez, the first counselor in our ward and his wife.
So we had our first Multi- zone conference since I´ve been in the field this week and it was really cool! We heard from our president, his wife, and the presidents assistant. One of the talks our president gave was about the keys of missionary work and we studied Alma 17 and 18 pretty intensively. If you´re looking to find some awesome pointers on how to be an awesome missionary take a look at these chapters.

Also this week is of course Mothers day, and boy oh boy does south america celebrate! Well, i haven´t experienced many holidays here in Peru, but mothers day is way much more of a big deal that it is in the USA. There are parades in the street, each school and each grade has a assembly where they sing songs about how they love their mothers, and everyone is bustling around buying and preparing for Sunday. Its like Christmas or valentines day piratically.

Well off to say goodbye to the members that we can find for Hermana Espinoza and time to start a new leg or journey in my mission. Ah my first transfer, my first big change! Wish me luck!!


Hermana Bowers

Also, Hermana Lupe, a member in my ward makes THE BEST HAMBURGERS in THE WORLD. Nothing compares really, and I´m glad that Hermana Espisnoza and I had the chance to eat one together last night before she had to go!
Best four soles you can spend in Peru. Me and my lovely lovely hamburger

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