Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Beginning

So here is the start of the good ol' mission blog. You'll have to bear with me as we do a little rewind. It all started a while back when I decided to submit my mission papers. Then after what seems like a small eternity-- It came. I was excited, but it didn't really hit me till I started opening it that I was finally going to figure out where in the world I was going!

October 17, 2013

Well, after finally finding the first page of my packet I found out: The Peru Lima North Mission- Spanish speaking. I was totally and completely stunned! Below a link to the recording of my opening (thanks Jenny and Molly Baker!).

If you were like me and really had no idea where the Peru Lima North Mission was...Here is an outline of my mission. Its right smack dab in the middle of Peru with both cities close to the shore and mountains galore.

The support I got from family, friends, bosses, co-workers, strangers -you name it- was astounding! I am so blessed and wouldn't know what to do without them.

Some wonderful girls (and now fellow missionaries)  in my apartment complex left this on my door.

My boss, who was home sick that day, drove into Provo specifically to drop this off so it would be there before I started the opening shift.

Time flew by after that.  Next on the checklist was to go through the temple. My mother drove up from California, picking up my Grandma Earlene on the way, and my dad flew to Provo a few days later to be there. On December 14th, 2013 I had the most incredible and wonderful opportunity to go through the house of the Lord and take out my own endowments. Family from all over came to support me. Their presence there at the Timpanogos temple helped make the day even more special. What a great blessing it is to have such holy places here on the earth! It was such a special experience and I am so incredibly grateful for my family. 

Families are forever

 The sad thing was though, that I had caught a terrible cold a couple days prior. While it makes a funny story now, I'd like to forever thank everyone for putting up with my sneezing and less desirable mucus abundance.

Me huddled in my mothers coat outside the temple.

Lunch with the family after going through the temple. Here my father is showing off his bacon lip balm he got as a Christmas present from the Bowers family.
 I'll end this post with a quote I love from President Monson about making new beginnings:
"Of course there is no going back, but only forward. Rather than dwelling on the past, we should make the most of today, of the here and now, doing all we can to provide pleasant memories for the future"- Thomas S. Monson
This is only the beginning- and here is to the future.

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